Rain 4

#HunkDay: It’s Raining Men

Happy #HunkDay! Growing up, I always wanted to kiss a hunky guy in the rain. Now, I'm making it easier to imagine by presenting five guys looking super hot on a rainy day!

#HunkDay: MMA Hotties

Happy #HunkDay! With so many mixed martial arts (MMA) romance books coming out recently (Laid Out by Sidney Halston and Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson are at the top of my list!), I've been in a punched-in-the-gut-with-feels mood. This week, we're breaking down the top five hotties who make us let down our guard and takedown our hearts.
Motorcycle 5

#HunkDay: Motorcycle Madness

I don't know about you, but after discovering MAKE YOU BURN by Megan Crane, the Deacons of Bourbon Street series has got me in a motorcycle man mood (say that five times fast). Without further ado, here are five hunky gentlemen that really rev our engines.
Man bun 4

#HunkDay: Man Buns

Happy #HunkDay! This week, we're celebrating the curious phenomenon of the man bun. Some people call it hippie culture, others think it's dirty, but there's no denying that some men really know how to work that up-do. Without further ado, here a five gentlemen who know how to wrangle those luscious locks into a glorious masterpiece.
Beachside 2

Summer Lovin’ #HunkDay: Beachside

Sun's out, buns out! With July in full swing, we're taking #HunkDay to the next level with a month filled with summery hotties. What screams summer more than a day at the beach? Pack your sunblock and join these hunks for an oceanside stroll. Enjoy!
Surfer 1

Summer Lovin’ #HunkDay: Surf’s Up

Sun's out, buns out! With July in full swing, we're taking #HunkDay to the next level with a month filled with summery hotties. This week, it's all about catching a wave and surfing (through the internet) with some outstanding gentlemen. Enjoy!
Beach Volleyball 3

Summer Lovin’ #HunkDay: Beach Volleyball

Sun's out, buns out! With July in full swing, we're taking #HunkDay to the next level with a month filled with summery hotties. This week, we're bringing you the sweaty, sandy joy of boys playing beach volleyball. (Best enjoyed to the sounds of "Playing With the Boys" by Kenny Loggins.)
Speedo 1

Summer Lovin’ #HunkDay: Speedos

Sun's out, buns out! With July in full swing, we're taking #HunkDay to the next level with a month filled with summery hotties. Without further ado, here are our top five hunks who really know how to rock a Speedo.
4th of July 5

#HunkDay: God Bless America

Happy #HunkDay! With Independence Day right around the corner, we thought the best way to celebrate was with a couple of star-spangled hunksters. Here are five fellows who set off fireworks in our hearts!
Cowboy 1

#HunkDay: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Happy #HunkDay! I am SOOO excited for Maggie McGinnis' return to Whisper Creek in ONCE UPON A COWBOY—so, obviously, I giddy-upped over to Pinterest to find only the sexiest cowboys in the wild, wild west. Without further ado, here are a few cowboy hunks this chickadee would love to saddle up with.
Father Son Actor1

#HunkDay: Hot Actors and Their Sons

They say the apple doesn't fall to far from the hunk tree. In honor of Father's Day, we're dedicating #HunkDay to some hot actors with equally hot sons.
Featured image_group shot

#HunkDay: Hot Hockey Players

This week's release of Sawyer Bennett's newest Cold Fury Hockey novel, ZACK, has got me all in a tizzy over hockey—or at least, the hunky players who steam up the rink. Here's a list of sexy hockey players whose hotness melts the ice (and our hearts).
Tattoos 1

#HunkDay: Get Inked

What is it about tattoos that takes a man from good-looking to oh-my-goodness-I-need-to-lie-down-for-a-second-because-this-is-too-overwhelming? I'm not sure, but it does present a convenient excuse to oogle. Today, we're celebrating men who are walking pieces of art (and also have tattoos).
Chris Pine

#HunkDay: Hot guys who are all named Chris

What's in a name? Hotness, apparently! This week we're celebrating hunky fellows who share one important thing: their names are all Chris. How's that for coincidence?
Silver fox 3

#HunkDay: Silver Foxes

Who said grey hair isn't attractive? Because they're wrong! This week, we're celebrating some foxy men with seriously majestic hair.
Breakfast in bed 5

#HunkDay: Breakfast in Bed

Happy #HunkDay! Sometimes, it's hard to get out of bed—all you want to do is press the snooze button one more time. But one thing guaranteed to wake you up on the right side of the bed is a hunky guy bringing you breakfast in bed! After all, it's the most important meal of the day...feast your eyes and enjoy!
Flower beard 1

#HunkDay: Flower Beards

You know what they say: April showers bring May flower (beards)! In honor of the new month and the bright, sunshiney weather that comes with it, we wanted to celebrate with some floral fellows who make our cheeks a little rosier.
Avengers 5

#HunkDay: Marvelous Men

The newest Avengers movie is coming out this Friday, which has got me all excited about superheroes and capes and ABS. Whether you're a Marvel fangirl or not, you have to admit that the casting directors did an *excellent* job of assembling a cast filled with exceptionally hot hunks. In honor of the release, here are our top leading men of the Marvel universe—enjoy!
Earth Day 4

#HunkDay: Green Thumbs

Happy Earth Day, Hunksters! It warms my heart to see people giving back to the world. So we're celebrating Mother Nature with some of her greatest creations—hunky guys gardening. We've weeded through Pinterest to present the best buds we'd love to get down in the dirt. Enjoy!
Glasses 3

#HunkDay: Hot Guys in Glasses

Happy Tax Day! Today’s #HunkDay is dedicated to all the hotties with glasses (which is scientifically proven to make you a smarter person. Probably.) Hopefully this inspires you to get all your forms submitted!
Baseball 2

#HunkDay: Baseball Hotties

Batter up—it's MLB opening season! To celebrate the new beginning of America's favorite pastime, we're dedicating today's #HunkDay to a few grand slamming players on the field. We're sure they have no problems getting to any bases. ;)

#HunkDay: Hot Dogs

Having a ruff day? Have no fear, #HunkDay is here! This week, we're going off the leash and dedicating #HunkDay to all those husky fellows who make us say, "hot dog!"

#HunkDay: Hot Authors

Authors are often stereotyped: they're reclusive individuals who don't care about their personal appearance. We at #HunkDay wholeheartedly disagree! Here are our top hot authors that get our hearts racing—and not just through their writing.
#HunkDay_Irish Hunks5

#HunkDay: Irish Hunks

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! We're dedicating today's #HunkDay to the Irish lads who make a lasses like us weak at the knees. Who knows...maybe there's still time to get lucky with a hunky pot o' gold!

#HunkDay: Blue-Eyed Hunks

Happy Wednesday, #HunkDay lovers! They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and the V-neck is the window to the pecs. (At least, I do.) This week we’re bringing you the hunkiest hotties with baby blues you just can’t resist.

#HunkDay: Brad Pitt Through the Years

It's February here in New York and we're sick and tired of the cold. So it's time for us to pull out our secret charm: Brad Pitt. That's right. A foolproof way to make your day better is to treat yourself to a little Brad Pitt. We've collected some of the hottest Pitt pics from his early 90s Legends of the Fall charms all the way through today's red carpet goateed Brad. Enjoy ;)
#HunkDay_Oscar Hunks

#HunkDay: Oscar Hunks

On Sunday evening, grab your girlfriends and a bowl of popcorn because it's the 87th Academy Awards! This Hunk Day we're celebrating the hotties who wowed us by their acting chops--from emotionally wrenching films like Selma and American Sniper to the fun Wes Anderson romp, Grand Budapest Hotel--by featuring them as today's hunks. Sit back and enjoy this short preview of sexy actors ;)

#HunkDay: 50 Shades of Jamie Dornan

If you couldn't tell by our Five Weeks of Fifty Shades feature, the team here at Romance at Random is pretty excited for the 50 Shades movie to premiere this weekend. That's why we're dedicating this week's hunk day to one hunk, the very sexy Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey.

#HunkDay: Hall of Fame

Happy Wednesday, #HunkDay lovers! This week we wanted to highlight those gents that all of you on Pinterest loved. We found our top-pinned hunks on the Loveswept Hunk Board and put the top five together for you here! And let me tell you...those pinners have good taste ;)
#HunkDay_Tropical Getaway_Feat

#HunkDay: Tropical Getaway

Though the blizzard yesterday wasn't all the weather forecasters made it out to be, it still had everyone on the East Coast stuck at home. Which got me thinking about summer, which inevitably led to some daydreaming about a January tropical getaway. And what kind of good daydream doesn't include a sexy man? We gathered together some hotties on the beach to aid in your own tropical musings...