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Book Review – Forever by Jacquelyn Frank

Review by: Stephanie at Paranormal Haven

Two powerful souls now share the body of Jackson Waverly. On the brink of death, Jackson allowed the soul of Egyptian pharaoh Menes to be reborn into his body so that he may lead his Bodywalkers in their fight against evil. Menes wants his queen at his side and believes the fiery Marissa Anderson will be the perfect host and partner to Hatshepsut. The attraction between Jackson and Marissa is undeniably electric but for Menes’ mate to join him, Marissa will have to give up everything, including her life.

I liked Jackson in the first book as the protective older brother and I love him even more, in part thanks to Menes’ royal attitude, as he steps into the role of leader. An alpha himself, I thought there would be more butting heads between he and Menes for control but it’s rare and the understanding and balance they strike between one another works great. Only times things get dicey is where Marissa is concerned. Jackson wants her but doesn’t want to take the ‘she’s ours so take her’ way of doing things Menes suggests. Jackson prefers to seduce Marissa and watch her wild side come out as he tears down her carefully crafted walls. Even Jackson’s seduction style screams 100% grade A alpha male and I was all the more smitten with him for it. With Menes’ touches of ancient class and lethal power to keep him from being just another typical paranormal romance hero, Jackson is hands down my favorite character in this series.

Marissa has created a safe world for herself and as much as her body and heart craves Jackson, her mind stops her from taking that leap of faith into his arms. She has reservations about what Jackson/Menes is telling her and I applaud her for standing her ground. They’re not an easy combination to say no to and I respect her for it. There are a few scenes I thought I was going to get whiplash though. Things would be hot and heavy between her and Jackson/Menes then she’d panic at how close she was getting and say something callous to put distance between them. I like Marissa and think she’s a good fit for the important role she’ll play but moments like that stopped me from becoming a real fan.

Forever is one of those books in a series that feels like a stepping stone to future events but it’s a very important one. The focus is not on the fight between Menes’ Politics and the evil Templars who look to control the Bodywalker race but rather the endearing, beautiful, and tragic love story of Menes and Hatshepsut. They rule their people each time their souls are reborn into willing hosts who they learn to live side by side peacefully with and work as a single unit. Through their many reincarnations throughout the centuries, Menes and Hatshepsut’s affections have only grown stronger. Menes and Hatshepsut’s undying bond is a fundamental part of the Bodywalkers so even though there are no huge battles fought in this book, it was all amazing and to not read it and fully understand the depth of their love would be like missing a critical piece to the puzzle.

Jacquelyn Frank writes some really good paranormal romance books and this is one of my favorites. Jackson continues to impress and the love story is exceptionally romantic. The Egyptian history and mythology helps create a vivid world with reincarnated Pharaohs, priests and priestesses, and their gargoyle protectors, adding another dimension that makes everything even more intriguing.

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