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Cassie Mae’s not-so-bad, not-so-good Valentine’s Day story

Cassie Mae’s not-so-bad, not-so-good Valentine’s Day story

This “Best” story comes from Cassie Mae, author of SWITCHED and FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI. 

Last year, I was stuck in the hospital on Valentine’s Day, postpartum and with my sweet NICU baby. Hubby had the other kids already for a week by himself, and he was learning the hard way what it was like to deal with the two devils boys. I got clearance to go out to lunch with him, and he dropped the older two off at Grandma’s and we went to Texas Roadhouse. Both of us were so tired we fell asleep at the table. I literally had a fry halfway to my mouth, and he was drinking out of an empty glass when the waiter woke us up. So we went back to the hospital and slept for as long as we wanted that afternoon. All in all, not a bad way to spent Valentine’s Day when you’re the parent of three kiddos.

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Cassie Mae Cassie Mae is a full-time writer and mother from Utah. She loves being glued to the computer, thinking up new stories, and writing the day away while the kids run wild at her feet. When she finished her first novel, she started a blog that now gets more than five thousand hits a month. Her group blog is also dedicated to reaching out to aspiring authors by providing critiques and other marketing tools to help them succeed in the industry. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with the youth in her community as a volleyball and basketball coach, or searching the house desperately for chocolate.
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