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Friday Love Poems: Tyler Knott Gregson

The National Poetry Month celebration continues with our third edition of Friday Love poems <3. Have you ever heard of the poet Tyler Knott Gregson? He started his own blog to showcase his poems and his photography. His short, deeply felt haikus and typewriter poems made him a success. Now he has a book, Chasers of Light, but he still posts love poems to his instagram and tumblr. If you like the three short poems I’ve picked out below, be sure to see more of his work here.  

5 Ways to Surprise Your Man!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock When people say they don’t like surprises, it usually means they don’t like being embarrassed in front of a group. One-on-one surprises, however, especially from a lover, are not only appreciated but often just the thing needed to reignite the spark. Whether your man is a fan of spontaneity or someone who likes to be in control, these gestures will make his day (or night).   1. Answer the Door in Something Not Suitable for Work: It could be last year’s Halloween costume (unless you dressed up as Big Bird), a silk negligée, or an old dress that still fits but it’s a little on the short side. Whatever is it, let it be something you feel [...]

#HunkDay: Handymen

Happy #HunkDay! This week we’re spotlighting those sexy handymen who make our lives a little easier. Now, I’m a single woman and an independent one at that–I plunge my own toilet, hang my own pictures, I know how to change a tire and check my oil, BUT that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t gladly let one of these hunks take over the task…especially if I could watch him work! Enjoy And check out the rest of the #HunkDay action on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter. 1. I think he’s got the outfit just right. No shirt needed if you’ve got a tool belt (and arms like that!).  Photo courtesy of Pinterest 2. I might have to take my car into the [...]

Friday Love Poems: “XVI” by Adrienne Rich

I’m a serious poetry lover. So April aka National Poetry Month is pretty much my favorite month of the year.  Last week, I spotlighted Robert Hass’s poem, “Happiness,” and I’m excited to share a new poem with you today.  This week’s poem comes from the late, great Adrienne Rich. Rich was a hugely influential feminist poet, probably most well known for her piece, “Diving Into the Wreck.” The poem below, however, comes from her collection of poems, “Twenty-One Love Poems.” They are a sensual exploration and celebration of the love between two women. Rich, who was married to a man and had children, spent the later part of her life with her longtime partner, Michelle Cliff. In 2012, Rich passed [...]

#HunkDay: Guys With Glasses

Happy Hunk Day! I love a guy in glasses. He looks smart, a little nerdy, but in a sweet way, and if he’s wearing glasses he may have just been reading. And a hottie reading is even more like catnip to me than a man in glasses. We rounded up five of our favorite guys in glasses below, but there will be even more to come on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and Lovewept Pinterest board today. Do you love a man in glasses?    1. I could stare into this guy’s (four) eyes for days…   2. Glasses, tousled hair, scruff and a few tattoos?! Did this guy find my list of ‘things I think are sexy’?? [...]

Friday Love Poems: “Happiness” by Robert Hass

April is one of my favorite months, not only because beautiful Spring starts to bloom, but also because it is National Poetry Month. I’m a serious poetry lover. I read it on the subway ride to work, I send favorite poems to my friends, I even start my morning routine by reading a poem before checking in with my email and guzzling down my coffee. There’s poetry for every occasion, but some of the best poems are written about love or for a lover. This month, I’ll share one of my favorite love poems every Friday. This first poem comes from Robert Hass, a previous US Poet Laureate, professor of poetry, and author of multiple highly praised books of poetry, [...]


It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for the parade of hunks   This week we’re going without a theme and just focusing on good, old-fashioned hotties, no categorizing needed. Check out the rest of the action on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter pages and the Loveswept Pinterest. Enjoy! 1.  This guy. With those puppies.  It’s almost too much! Photo courtesy of 2. Check out those abs! Photo courtesy of Pinterest 3. The only thing better than a relaxing bath is a relaxing bath with a hunk in it Photo courtesy of Pinterest 4. He looks so sad! I can cheer him up… Photo courtesy of Pinterest 5. Yes, please. I like everything about this. Photo courtesy of [...]

April Fool’s #HunkDay Special: Hollywood’s Hottest Jokesters

We didn’t want to play any mean cyber jokes on y’all today, but we did want to do something for April Fool’s Day. The compromise? A #HunkDay special bulletin bringing you the hottest jokesters in Hollywood. Some of them are famous for their pranks, but for others (cough, George Clooney, cough) it’s a secret talent. Who’s your favorite Hollywood prankster?    1. Johnny Knoxville. Though he’s quieted down a little as he’s gotten older, Johnny was one of the original MTV badboys with his show, Jacka**, where he played pranks on his friends (and himself!). Photo courtesy of 2. Paul Rudd. More of a sly prankster than Johnny Knoxville and his crew, Rudd has built his career on hilarious movies. But one of his [...]

#HunkDay: Baseball Players

MLB Opening Day is in just four days and we can hardly contain ourselves! Today happens to be Hunk Day and the baseball lovers at Romance at Random had to take over  and post pictures of hotties in tight baseball pants Below are some of our favorite professional players, but we’ll be posting other favorites–both pro and amateur–on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest board. Who are your favorite baseball players?  1. Robinson Cano: Second baseman, in his debut season with the Seattle Mariners after eight years with the Yankees.  Photo courtesy of Hollywood Reporter 2.Joe Mauer: Catcher for the Twins. Photo courtesy of Huff Post 3.Cole Hamels: Pitcher for the Phillies. Photo courtesy of [...]

Five Favorite Muppets Couples

The new Muppets movie comes out this weekend and I’m dying to see it. The strange combination of Ty Burrell (aka Phil Dunphy), Tina Fey and Miss Piggy is so intriguing to me. As I was thinking about Muppets: Most Wanted, I started thinking about all of the famous Muppets couples. Here are my favorites: Floyd Pepper and Janice. Bass player and lead electric guitar, respectively, of Electric Mayhem, they are the cool hippies I wish I could be. Photo courtesy of Bert and Ernie. I’m branching out into Sesame Street territory here, but they are such a good pair. And I loved the New Yorker cover that shows them cuddling watching the ruling for gay marriage on TV. [...]

National Proposal Day: Best Proposal Video

Today is National Proposal Day and I thought it would be appropriate to share one of my favorite proposal videos. I think that some of the fifteen minute long dance sequences and years in the making videos are a little crazy, but I do still appreciate a grand gesture. That’s why I chose the video below. Check out this video of Jeff proposing to his girlfriend, Caitlin. They both love Scrabble, so he commissioned a graffiti mural of a cherry blossom tree with scrabble tiles asking her to marry him. The painting process took six hours and when Caitlin saw the mural, she ran across the street to say yes. So cute What are your favorite proposal videos? How did [...]

#HunkDay: Author Crush

Happy #HunkDay! We made it to Wednesday, so now it’s time for a little treat This week we’re sharing our author crushes who are just as sexy for their smiles as they are for their brains and way with words. And we can only imagine what beautiful sweet nothings they could whisper in our ears. The first five are below, but the rest will be going up on our Romance at Random Facebook, Twitter, and Loveswept Pinterest pages throughout the day. Don’t miss a thing! Who are your author crushes?  1. Pierce Brown, author of RED RISING. He’s been in the office and if the flock of giggling women following him into the conference room was any indication, he’s as charming [...]

#HunkDay: Irish Hunks

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day (less than one week!) we’ve dedicated this #HunkDay to the sexy guys from across the pond. There’s so much to love about Irish men: their accents, their big families, the amount of yummy potatoes they eat, the beautiful countrysides of their home country, the list goes on and on. In addition to all of that stuff, there is the uber-important Irish sexiness that seems to start in their bones. We picked our top five favorite Irish hunks below, but there will be more accented cuties on the Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all day. Who are your favorite Irish hunks?  What do you love most about those sweet Irishmen?   1. Pierce Brosnan. His [...]

5 Reasons Ken is the Perfect Boyfriend

Wednesday is National Ken Doll Day, so I thought, what better day to celebrate the world’s perfect boyfriend, Ken Carson (that’s Ken’s full name, in case you didn’t already know)? Here are the top five reasons why Ken is the perfect boyfriend:   1. He’s versatile. Ken is never stuck in a rut. He’s been a cowboy, a Harley Davidson rider, a military man, a doctor…the list goes on and on. It seems he’s got the best of all the worlds. With Ken as your boyfriend you can be sure things will never be boring.     2.He knows how to have fun. Ken is constantly trying new activites. He’s sporty, he’s musical, he’s artistic. What this means for you is [...]

Happy #HunkDay: Rockstars

Ah, the allure of the rock star.  What is it about a man with a guitar that is so sexy? Maybe we don’t need to come up with a reason. Maybe we should just accept it as fact and enjoy this #HunkDay full of sexy rockers. Check out the whole #HunkDay line-up on our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. PS: If you like reading about rockstars as much as you like admiring their pictures, check out ROCK IT by Jennifer Chance! The hero, Dante, is a bonafied rock god and sure to make you a fangirl 1. Jim Morrison of The Doors. It’s a throwback but he is one of the original sexy rockstars. Photo courtesy of 2. Adam [...]

#HunkDay Oscar Nominees

It’s Oscar season again! Are you planning anything for Sunday night? Our plan basically consists of salivating over this list of Hunks until Sunday night and then watching everyone parade down the red carpet in their tuxes and gowns. There will probably be popcorn and candy involved too. Here are our top five Oscar Hunks to watch! Find more pictures and more hunks all day on our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 1. Jared Leto for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Dallas Buyers Club) Photo courtesy of 2. Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Wolf of Wall Street) Photo courtesy of 3. Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Dallas Buyers Club) [...]

Five Things We Love About Jamie Dornan

1. He’s Irish. Which means he has a cute accent, comes from the land of Guinness, and has luck on his side!       2. This Calvin Klein ad is–in our opinion–one of the steamiest ads they’ve done and it features Jamie.  We definitely wouldn’t mind coming across this in a magazine. Photo courtesy of E! Online 3. He’s a new father to baby girl with his beautiful wife Amelia Warner. We both love and hate this. Hate it because it means he’s taken, but love it because Amelia Warner is gorgeous and we’re happy he’s happy, right? 4. He’s endorsed by Kiera Knightley (who he dated for two years). She says, of his role in 50 Shades, “He’s [...]

Teaser: Fifty Shades of Grey Lingerie

I called this a teaser, because it’s just that.* There is a beautiful line of lingerie designed with Fifty Shades of Grey in mind..but we can’t get our hands on it! It’s available only in Sweden. The best we can do is show you this video of the fashion show. *Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Sweden. that case, can you please, please mail me some of those beautiful pieces?!  

Five Things We Love About Dakota Johnson

1. She said this in an interview with Elle: ”I don’t have any problem doing anything. The secret is I have no shame.” Umm..we totally love that attitude! If she can have no shame while acting out some, ahem, interesting scenes with Jamie Dornan, then we can be less ashamed of being the first one to dance at the birthday party or sing in the shower. 2. Her mom is Melanie Griffith. Her dad is Don Johnson. And we love Melanie Griffity in Working Girl. Don Johnson’s not too bad himself in Miami Vice. 3. She understands that not all love stories are the same:  “I just really understand it,” said Johnson. “I think it’s an incredible love story and that’s why it’s affected [...]

#HunkDay Gold Medalists

Happy #HunkDay Everyone! As the Olympics come to a close, we’re paying attention to those sexy athletes who took home gold at Sochi. Enjoy Check our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages for more hunks all day long!   1. Sage Kostenburg (USA) won gold for Snowboard Slopestyle Photo courtesy of NY Post Page Six 2. Sven Kramer (Netherlands) won gold for Speed Skating Photo courtesy of Omrop Fryslan 3. Dario Cologna (Switzerland) won gold for Cross Country Men’s Skiathalon Photo courtesy of Wikidi   4. Magnus Hovdal Moan (Norway) won gold for the Nordic Combined Photo courtesy of The Apricity 5. Kamil Stoch (Poland) won gold for Large Hill Ski Jumping Photo courtesy of wprost 6. Matthias Mayer (Austria) [...]

Start Preparing: 1 Year Until Fifty Shades of Grey

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all having a lovely, romantic day… but if you’re not, never fear, because next year is bound to be better (pun intended!). The movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey is due out next Valentine’s Day and who could ask for a sexier V-Day gift? So what should you be doing to prepare? We’ve got three suggestions: 1. Don’t miss a thing. Follow E.L. James on Twitter and like her on Facebook and get all of her updates. Maybe you’ll get a sneak-peek, maybe she’ll keep it all close to her breast until release day, but if you’re going to find out, she’ll be the one to tell you! You can also follow @FiftyShadesFilm and @FiftySOGfans for [...]

#HunkDay Outdoorsmen

Happy #HunkDay Everyone! You’ve made it through the toughest part of the week–so here’s a little reward. This week we’ve got some smoldering hunks who can light your fire…in more ways than one ;). Let’s celebrate the hardworking dudes who can chop an entire winter’s worth of firewood while looking super-smokin’. Below are a few of the hunks from today. For more sexy men, check out our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.   image via Pinterest   image via Pinterest image via Pinterest

A Work Study Romance

I celebrated my 9th anniversary with my boyfriend this month. I KNOW. We’ve been dating since we were 18 years old, so pretty much my entire adult life. We’ve lived in the same apartment together and we’ve lived on opposite coasts. But our romance started in a college dorm, and a lot of it, especially during that first year, took place in a library. My boyfriend’s work-study assignment was at the information desk in the periodicals department of one of our university’s libraries. So, pretty often after class, I would swagger in and lean against the desk and talk to him until someone shushed me or he got embarrassed. If his boss or coworkers were around, I’d sit at a [...]

#HunkDay Olympians 2014

Happy Hump Hunk Day! With the Olympic Opening Ceremonies THIS FRIDAY we are dedicating this week’s #HunkDay to the hardworking (and hard bodied) Olympic athletes. Check out our list of Team USA hunks below and then get your butt over to Loveswept’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages to check out the rest of our picks for sexiest athletes from all over the world competing at Sochi 2014.   Patrick Sharp U.S. Hockey Team image via Banner Collective on Vimeo Billy Morgan Snowboarder for the USA Team image via Route One Bode Miller U.S. Ski Team image via Fox Sports

The Sagest Bit of Advice My Granny, the Librarian, Ever Gave Me.

In honor of Library Lover’s month, I called up the librarian in my life who I’m lucky enough to get to call Granny.  Before she retired, she had been a librarian for 30 years in both regional and high school libraries and has fed my voracious appetitie for reading ever since I mastered Curious George Goes to the Circus.     Initially, I was hoping for some good, juicy stories of her finding love in the stacks, but what I got instead was this golden little nugget of wisdom:   “Any smart woman looking for a man would get herself to the library.”   Apparently it was at the large library that serviced our entire region where she discovered the [...]

#HunkDay Superbowl Edition

Happy #HunkDay everyone! In celebration of Superbowl Sunday we’ve compiled some football hotties. Because the players are the most important part, right? We chose a non-partisan (but not non-sexy) dude for our Romance at Random post, but check out the Loveswept Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page for hotties like Eric Decker from the Broncos and Russell Wilson from the Seahawks.

Galentine’s Day Planning

I know, I know. It’s too early to plan for Valentine’s Day. There are still 3 blissful weeks before hearts and couples take over everywhere. But what I’m proposing is not Valentine’s Day plans, but Galentine’s Day plans. Change one letter and the day takes on a whole new meaning. This holiday is for singles and women with significant others alike—but all the better for a group of single girlfriends. What is it, exactly? Let Leslie Knope explain:   So, technically it’s on the 13th, but I won’t tell anyone if you plan a Galentine’s Day on the 14th. This year, Vday is a Friday, so instead of brunch, I’m suggesting an after-work party with your best friends that has [...]

#HunkDay Grammy Nominees

Welcome to #HunkDay. We used to call Wednesday “Hump Day” but that was way too boring and not nearly sexy enough, so we created Hunk Day. Each week we bring you a hunk from the week’s theme (and you can find more on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest boards). This week, in celebration of the Grammys this weekend, we’re focusing on the musician who tug at our heart strings (and have great smiles). Enjoy John Legend, up for BEST R&B ALBUM for his latest, Love In The Future.