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Hot Werewolves in Books and Film

When I was developing the idea for COVETED my heroine Natalya naturally came first. But right after her I thought of my hero Thorn. I love werewolf heroes–especially that alpha male character that struggles with his inner wolf. During my "research" period (yes, looking at photos of actors who look like your hero is research) I stumbled upon some great werewolve heroes in film and books.

Top Five Werewolves in Film

5. David Naughton "An American Werewolf in London" (1981)

This is one of my favorite horror movies from the 80s. I thought David was so cute. Not as attractive as the men below, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.

4. Taylor Lautner "Twilight: New Moon" (2009)

Even though this is a teen movie, like a lot of women, I thought it was a fantastic idea that he had his shirt off often. Cause it gets so hot often in the northwest. Just sayin’.

3. Michael Shane & Scott Speakman "Underworld" (2003)

Underworld is one of my favorite movies! I don’t know what it is about Michael Shane, who plays Lucian, but he has that intelligent alpha male

2. Michael J. Fox "Teen Wolf"

As a child of the 80s, I had a huge crush on Michael J. Fox. I loved him in teen wolf. He wasn’t a true sex symbol in my opinion, but he was the kind of guy I wanted to take me to prom–to be my steady boyfriend. Le sigh.

1. Joe Manganiello "True Blood"

Do I even need to discuss why he is number one? ;) I’ve seen Joe in person at DragonCon. Let me tell you, he looks just as good in person as in the show. The werewolf role fits him well. He has the charisma, the dark brooding appearance. He was such a gentleman though and I can only but hope to see even more of him in the upcoming season of True Blood.

Top Five Actors Who Should/Should’ve Played a Werewolf

I couldn’t help but add an additional list of actors who I think would make great werewolves. Perhaps they’ll see my list and consider such roles in the future. :D

  1. Patrick Swayze (He would have been so good! I couldn’t resist!)
  2. David Beckham
  3. Viggo Mortensen
  4. Vin Diesel
  5. The Rock

Top Five Hot Werewolf Heroes in Books

5. Clay from Kelley Armstrong’s BITTEN

4. Bram from Patricia Briggs books (Mercy Thompson Series and Alpha & Omega Series)

3. Sam from Patricia Briggs books (Mercy Thompson Series and Alpha & Omega Series)

2. Charles from Patricia Briggs books (Mercy Thompson Series and Alpha & Omega Series)

1. Thorn from Shawntelle Madison’s COVETED

What do you think of my lists? Yeah, I’m very biased here. (Okay, a lot.) But take a look at Thorn on the right. I’d love to do a midnight run in the moonlight with a man like him! :D The other ones on the list also show another thing: Can you tell I’m a little bit of a Patricia Briggs fan? (A little bit.) Got any additions for me for my lists? There are a lot of heroes in many books and movies I’ve left off who would fit just as perfectly. I’m always looking for inspiration whereever it can be found. Help a gal out.

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