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Guest Post: With a Little Help from my Friends by Maggie McGinnis

maggie mcginnisWe’re only twelve (12! Yippee!) days away from the official release of Accidental Cowgirl, and I have to be honest.

My secondary characters are a little jealous about all the attention Kyla and Decker are getting. Maybe a lot jealous. Jess and Hayley claim they’re the whole reason this story even started, what with them tricking Kyla into this dude ranch vacation, and they think they deserve a little shout-out. Since they’re sort of right (and since I really need them to cooperate for the next two books), I thought I’d give them the attention for today.

When I was creating best friends for Kyla in Accidental Cowgirl, I wanted to give her the perfect pair of gals who’d laugh with her, cry with her, and ultimately help her clear those first few hurdles toward feeling whole again. I wanted them to nurture her, but also give her a big ole kick in the pants when she needed it.

So … Jess and Hayley were born.

Jess is a healer by trade, an effusive, loving, centered gal who sprinkles her sentences with sweetie and darlin’ and provides Kyla with the fluffy-quilt treatment. Hayley, on the other hand, grew up in a rough-and-tough quarry town and chooses to work with animals because humans make things far too complicated. She was a natural for the kick-in-the-pants job.

Kyla, of course, thinks a week at a spa might be a nice prescription after the year she’s had. Jess might agree, but Hayley firmly believes it’s time to get outta town … far, far outta town. Away from the heat, away from the cameras that have chased Kyla for a year, and away from the city-brick that’s hemming them all in these days. A Montana dude ranch sounds like the perfect solution. There’s just the small matter of tricking Kyla into going.

Once they do, Kyla discovers a lot about herself and about love, but what she also reaffirms is her bone-deep affection for these two friends who’ve seen her through the worst … and at her worst. And though they’ve dragged her just about as far outside her comfort zone as she ever cares to go, she knows they’ve done it only with the best of intentions.

By the end, she’s well on her way to healing both her body and her head, but along the way, she also rediscovers the power of friendship – the kind that keeps us standing, keeps us grounded, and keeps us laughing through the tears.

Oh, and she also gets the guy.

How about you? Are you blessed with a fluffy-quilt bestie … or is yours more of a kick-in-the-pants variety?

About the Author:
Maggie McGinnis is the author of Driving Without a License, which was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award. A former high school English teacher, an accomplished musician, and a certified black belt, she lives in New England with her family.maggie mcginnis

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