Books To Buy: New Releases September 29

This week we have a holiday love story (yes, it’s about that time of year already!); a return to Lucky Harbor; an irresistible pool shark; some geek love, a Prohibition-era marriage of inconvenience, and more.

Sara’s Picks: Best of September

Hiya all, this is Sara @HarlequinJunkie, stopping by to share with you some of our favorite September releases. We’ve been reading up a storm on the blog and this month handed us some great reads! These are some stand-outs that are not to be missed.


Books To Buy: New Releases September 22

For the first week of fall we have a  salon owner in need of a love make-over, a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, a disgraced society darling, an aspiring dom, love on the boardwalk, and more.

Some Like It Hot: Erotica Picks

We are excited to welcome author Christina Harding with her new monthly erotic books round-up.

To kick off my monthly segment, I first want to thank Romance at Random for inviting me to be a part of this blog! Since there is so much variety within erotica, I am going to pick a theme for each month. To start us out, this blog is going to cover recent “classic erotica.” These novels and short stories are readable in one sitting and feature consensual heterosexual adult scenes.



About the Author: Christina Harding is a pseudonym. She is the author of Underneath the Gargoyle, a paranormal erotic novelette. She also blogs at and tweets @tinaerotica. Christina is happily married and enjoys reading naughty stories with her husband.

Books to Buy: New Releases September 15

This week brings us a dating dare that leads to temptation; heroines with troubled pasts; a hunky U.S. Marshal; a revenge plot turning to passion, and more.


Books to Buy: New Releases This Week

New books from Kim Harrison and J.D. Robb make this week a big one. We also have a commitment-phobic male model, a Navy SEAL on a beach, and some male-on-male romance — Downton Abbey-style. Read on!

B&N Bookseller Picks: September

Barnes & Noble buyer Jules Herbert is a driving force behind the excellent selection in Barnes & Noble’s romance section. Here’s his list of recommendations for the month of September:


*Missed last month’s picks? Check them out here.

Most Anticipated For Fall

We hate to see summer fade away, but the new novels publishing over the next few months gives us plenty to be excited about for fall. Our R@R bloggers share their pics for the top of their TBR pile.

Books to Buy: New Releases This Week

September is here, and not a moment too soon from the looks of these new releases. We have a wounded war veteran in need of some lovin’; a new hot hockey team; a wicked witch whose cold heart is melted; a return to Club Inferno…and more.

Best of August

Hiya all, this is Sara @HarlequinJunkie, stopping by to share with you some of our favorites reads from August. We’ve been reading up a storm and it has been a great month of summer reading on the blog. The books below are not to be missed!

Check out the list and then let us know: What have you been reading this month? Is there one book that stuck with you more than others, left you with a book hangover? We would love to hear about it. Please hit the comments and share (Over-sharing is allowed!)

Books to Buy: New Releases This Week

This week we return to Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor; a criminal psychology expert hunts a lethal Lothario; lovers find themselves on the opposite sides of a potential apocalypse; passion is sparked on a remote island; and a preacher’s daughter is touched by the love of a marine.

Multicultural Romance This Month

We welcome author Alyssa Cole with her new monthly look at what’s happening in multicultural romances. This month, she has three top picks to chase away the end-of-summer blues…

Books to Buy: New Releases

It’s Christmas in August! There are so many incredible books publishing over the next few days it’s difficult to know where to start reading. You can’t go wrong with any on this list.

For the Love of Cowboys: Best Westerns

We are thrilled to have Kimberly Rocha of the fabulous Book Obsessed Chicks here today to discuss one of her favorite romance genres – Westerns! Once a month she will be here to make sure you don’t miss her old and new favs set in the wild, wild, west. Kimberly is one of the most well-read, knowledgeable bloggers in all of romance. You can take her recommendations to heart!



B & N Bookseller Picks: August

Barnes & Noble buyer Jules Herbert is a driving force behind the excellent selection in Barnes & Noble’s romance section. Here’s his list of recommendations for the month of August.


*Missed last month’s picks? Check them out here.

Puppy Love: Laura Caldwell on Canine Inspiration

I never thought I’d write a book with a dog as the main character. Uh no, I would have said if the absurd topic had been raised. I’m a law professor. I run a law school clinic that represents innocent people after exoneration. And as of late, I mostly write suspense novels. So no, thank you. I wouldn’t be writing any kind of pooch mystery. I certainly would not be writing a book where the dog is the number one agent of romance in the book.

But a few years ago, I got a dog, a little goldendoodle named Shafer. And I fell completely in love with that fourteen-pound bundle of energy. My agent, and eventually people at my publishers, started commenting that the theme of my online photos went from books and exonerees, to books and dogs, to books and Shafer, and then just to Shafer, Shafer, Shafer.

I hadn’t exactly noticed that yet when I looked, I found it was true. But I didn’t expect them to suggest a book featuring a dog. What would that look like, I asked? Should I get Izzy McNeil, my character in six mysteries to get a puppy?  No, they said. Something more fun, a great beach book, and hey let’s dial up the romance. They gave no other suggestions; I was the writer, they said. I should figure it out.

Suddenly, it made sense—my dog influenced so many decisions in my life, including love life. I started playing around with the idea and soon, The Dog Park was hatched.

In The Dog Park a Chicago couple shares joint custody of their dog, and when the dog is in a video that goes viral, their dog becomes famous, throwing them together and raising secrets they hid from each other. In celebration of the release of The Dog Park, I’m stopping to remember some of my favorite books and movies that have also featured a furry friend.


Laura Caldwell is a former civil trial attorney, now Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Director of Life After Innocence, published author of thirteen  novels and one  nonfiction book. 

Best of July

Romance@Random welcomes Sara from Harlequin Junkie! The last day of each month she will be posting about her favorite reads of the past four weeks.

Hiya all, this is Sara @HarlequinJunkie, stopping by to share with you favorites from July. We’ve been reading up a storm and it has been a great month of summer reading on the blog. If you’ve hit a reading wall and wondering what you should read next, here are a few recommendations that will be sure to lift your spirits. :)

If you’ve read any of the books listed below, let us what you thought of it — and happy reading.

Sara is the founder of Harlequin Junkie blog and owner of an endless TBR pile. A Portfolio Analyst by day, who moonlights as a book blogger and romance novel enthusiast. Voracious Reader. Addicted Blogger. Shoeaholic. Belly dancer. Undomestic Goddess who thrives on Love, Laughter & HEA’s.

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Top Romances With Single Fathers

In Between The Sheets, my hero Ty, found out he has an eleven-year-old son only a few months before the book begins. As you can imagine, this relationship is pretty rocky as Ty and Casey try to figure each other out. I love fathers in romance novels: I love the side of their personality that is revealed with their kids. But I really love single Dads. Because the conflict is just so ripe – the feelings of failure and love and pain and confusion – it’s delicious stuff. So, that is why I’m sharing my favorite single dad romance novels.

*And if you need more great reads here are my Honorable Mentions, because I just can’t decide!

1.Wild Iris Ridge, by RaeAnne Thayne

2. To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

Books to Buy: New Releases

This week brings a historical love triangle featuring a distant cousin of Kate Middleton; a divorced couple sharing custody of a heroic dog; a small-town murder mystery, and more.

Top Ten: Movie Meet-Cutes

A case of mistaken identity.  

Getting stuck in a broken-down elevator.

 Having adjoining seats on a delayed flight.

In the “real world,” all of these are inconveniences. But, in a romantic comedy, these are called “meet cutes.” And they are romance gold – the literal “once upon a time.”

When I was writing Just Like the Movies, there were dozens of romantic comedies that I wasn’t able to include, so I hope you’ll indulge me today as I channel my inner David Letterman and present…the Top Ten Best Movie Meet-Cutes!

Books to Buy: New This Week

A new novel from the creator of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a return to Club Sin, a YA novel with a cinematic twist, a sizzling short story collection, and more.

Multicultural Romance This Month

We welcome author Alyssa Cole with her new monthly look at what’s happening in multicultural romances. This week, she talks short and sweet, short and sexy….

Just about everyone I know has been crazy busy lately. Whether it’s dealing with work, family, weddings, or new additions to the family, time seems to be a precious commodity lately. But just because you’re swamped doesn’t mean you have to stop reading. Here are a few multicultural novellas that sate your craving for a well-told romance without the commitment of a full-length book.



Books to Buy: New This Week

From historicals to sweet contemporaries to a much-buzzed about thriller, this week has something for everyone including  an attraction sparked by a scandalous book; the conclusion to a re-imagined Boleyn saga; a reclusive webcam girl in crisis; a wedding in Provence, and more.

Books to Buy: New Releases This Week

Get ready for a marriage on the brink (possibly saved only with the help of a magic phone);  love and lust with the Sexiest Man Alive; a baseball pro who doesn’t like playing the field; and a sexy threesome facing parenthood. This week, my pick for best cover: THE SWEET SPOT by Stephanie Evanovich. What gets your vote?

Beach Reads: Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July is here, and that means vacation. And vacation means beach reading. I am currently sitting on the back deck of a beach rental I’m sharing with my in-laws, watching the waves crash and the boats and jet skis zoom by.  I asked my mother-in-law, an avid, longtime romance reader, what’s on her weekend TBR. She dug deep into her well-worn beach bag and produced and equally well-worn copy of Ramblers Rest by Bay Matthews. I think it’s from 1991. (What can I say? The woman loves an old-school Harlequin.)  I also checked the bookshelf of our rental and was delighted to discover Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr and Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts. Personally, since I never know which way the beach vacation vibe is going to roll, I load my e-reader with a variety to prepare for anything Mother Nature – or too much wine with dinner – throws my way.

As you embark on beach-reading weekend, here are some suggestions from the top of my list:

B&N Bookseller Picks: July

Barnes & Noble buyer Jules Herbert is a driving force behind the excellent selection in Barnes & Noble’s romance section. Here’s his list of recommendations for the month of July:

Books to Buy: New Releases

This week we have a passion-consumed opera singer; a jewel thief; rock stars in lust; animal attraction for an aspiring veterinarian, and much more love, lust, and angst to keep you on the edge of your beach blanket. Enjoy!

Books to Buy: New This Week

Two common themes this week are men and women under cover and second chances at love — sometimes in the same book. In the words of Nelly,  it’s getting hot in here.