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Lover’s Day is Today! Happy LD to You!

Lover’s Day is Today!  Happy LD to You!

Seriously, how big of a score is landing the blog post for Lover’s Day?! YAY!! And it’s mine, all mine!!!!

So a brief confession from me. When I first heard about Lover’s Day, I was all with the side-eye toward the greeting card and chocolate candy companies, wondering how one went about the creation of a new holiday. Not that I was knocking it—Anything that celebrates lovers gets my vote!! But it sounded a smidge made up.

Obviously I don’t get out enough, because this is a holiday with deep roots. Just not necessarily in my neck of the woods. In Barcelona, Spain though? Oh yes, they’ve been celebrating Lover’s day on April 23, since 1714 to honor Miguel de Cervantes, the author of “Don Quixote”.

So yes…I looked it up.

And I’m so glad I did, because not only did I learn about the tradition of giving roses and books on Lover’s Day—and I am so down with that—but I also learned that April 23 is also Take a Chance Day. AND Picnic Day!

Which is crazy because all three of these holidays are an eerily good fits with my next book, TRUTH OR DARE (Loveswept, Sept ’14).

How, you ask? (Oh sure you did, just play along, lol)
Well, let’s start with the lovers part…Yeah, check that. I’ve got them. Hot and hard and holding up the wall, burning down the kitchen, and proving bedrooms aren’t just for catching Zs. Add to that, Tyler and Maggie aren’t exactly the trusting sort when it comes to romance, so when the unexpected attraction starts to sizzle between these two enemies, they’re taking a major chance acting on it (Uh-huh, check, check). AND—this is craziest part of all—There’s a picnic in the very first chapter of the book—CHECK, to the check, check!

So, even though I guess the greeting card people weren’t involved in the creation of this holiday, I’m thinking I need to find someone with the know how to get me hooked up with a holiday of my own. April 23 should totally be TRUTH OR DARE day too!

Hope you guys have an amazing day, whether it’s celebrating romance, taking a chance or just finding a gorgeous spot to get down with some tasty grub!!


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