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#HunkDay: Cowboy Edition

Happy #HunkDay, guys & gals! Today we’re wranglin’ up some of the sexiest cowboys around–all for your enjoyment Five hotties wearing hats, boots, and not wearing shirts are below…but if you want to see even more cowboy goodness, follow us today on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and the Loveswept Pinterest page. 1. What exactly are those leather straps for? Just wondering, of course…   source: Pinterest 2.Well, howdy to you, too   source: Pinterest 3. Shirtless horseback riding might just be the sexiest thing this girl has ever seen.   source: Pinterest 4. It’s easy to be casual when you look as good as he does. Yum!    source: Pinterest 5. I wonder if belt buckles that big are [...]  Read more

Lover’s Day is Today! Happy LD to You!

Seriously, how big of a score is landing the blog post for Lover’s Day?! YAY!! And it’s mine, all mine!!!! So a brief confession from me. When I first heard about Lover’s Day, I was all with the side-eye toward the greeting card and chocolate candy companies, wondering how one went about the creation of a new holiday. Not that I was knocking it—Anything that celebrates lovers gets my vote!! But it sounded a smidge made up. Obviously I don’t get out enough, because this is a holiday with deep roots. Just not necessarily in my neck of the woods. In Barcelona, Spain though? Oh yes, they’ve been celebrating Lover’s day on April 23, since 1714 to honor Miguel de [...]  Read more

Reality Romance: TRUE TORI, Episode 1 Recap

Just before Christmas, US Weekly broke the story that Tori Spelling’s husband (and father of her four children), Dean McDermott, cheated on her with a twenty-something woman while he was away in Canada filming the TV show Chopped. Whatever has happened between the couple since then has been the source of constant tabloid speculation. I will happily admit that I’ve read all of Tori Spelling’s memoirs. All of them, starting with Stori Telling six years ago. Love them. The perfect guilty pleasure. And so yes, I feel invested in Tori and Dean, and their whole domestic set-up. So last night, I gave into another guilty…something. Not sure pleasure is the right word. But I watched TRUE TORI. The show is billed as [...]  Read more

6 Celebrity 2nd Marriages That Have Gone the Distance

Some of these marriages are so sweet and enduring we forgot that they were a 2nd attempt at wedded bliss.  Here’s to those who really made it work the second time around. 1.       Ronald & Nancy Reagan Once upon a time, divorce could stop a political career in its tracks. Fortuitously, actor Ronald Reagan hadn’t entered politics yet when his marriage to actress Jane Wyman ended in 1948—after eight years together. By the time he ran for president in 1980, he had been married to second wife, Nancy Davis, for 28 years and voters forgave him (or never knew about his first marriage to begin with). Ronnie and Nancy were openly affectionate throughout their marriage. He wrote love letters to [...]  Read more

When Story-Tropes Collide: Best-Friends-To-Lovers Meets Brother’s-Best-Friend + Giveaway

When I first set out to write Just One Night, I figured it would be the easiest of the Stiletto series to get on paper. For starters, it’s the third book in a series, so I had plenty of time to get to know my characters while writing the first two stories. I also was thinking it would be easier because it was a friends-to-lovers story. I thought that since Riley and Sam had known each other for a decade, I’d be able to skip their “getting to know you” phase and get straight to the good stuff. But I was only partially correct. While it’s true that the Stiletto girls were pretty much having full conversations in my head [...]  Read more

SALEM, Series Premiere Recap

As hard as I tried to get into American Horror Story, I was never able to enjoy it. I liked the supernatural part of it, but it lacked the one element that hooks me into a show: a central love story. Not so with Salem. Within the first five minutes, we meet the star-crossed lovers: our hero, John Alden and the raven-haired, luminous town beauty, Mary. It’s 1685 in Salem, Massachusetts. John’s father was the first settler in Salem, and from the way John is acting, his father would not be happy with the violently harsh, punitive society that has evolved. We open with a couple in stocks in the town square, being whipped and branded for “fornication.” The leader [...]  Read more

Cover Reveal from the Weird Girls series – A Curse Awakened!

A Curse Awakened takes the reader back to where the magic first began— this e-novella is about four sisters coming to grips with their unique supernatural powers. Cool beans!! Interested? Pre-order here  Read more

Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Episode Five

Sydney is heartbroken. Apparently, things are cooling off with her new boyfriend, Zach. She bursts into tears and Jessie consoles her. Sydney says that he’s just sending her “token” text messages and she’d rather he just not text her at all. “He’s not the one,” Jessie tells her. “It just hurts,” says Sydney. Jessie says that even though she’s young, she knows what she wants. “You want to get married young, you want to have babies young, kind of like Momma did. And bake pies and take care of your family. That’s what’s important to you.” Jessie tells her that she has so much to offer and she can do better than Zach.  She tells the camera, “She’s twenty-two years [...]  Read more

Romantic Rivalry? Or Slut-Shaming?

The romance genre is for women, about women, by women. I know when I open the first page that I can leave the troubles of gender inequality behind and settle in for an uplifting story full of positive lady affirmations. Girl power and healthy body images. Strong heroines. Men who sweep women off their feet, treat them like queens and fantasize about all-night cunnilingus. Chicken Soup For the Vagina. No? Okay, I guess I can’t count on any of that. I don’t think it’s possible to take gender dynamics out of the equation when you’re writing about men and women. Many romance readers enjoy a dominating hero who takes control of everything. That’s fine with me. Get it, girl. I [...]  Read more


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