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What readers are saying about Blue Lines by Toni Aleo – on sale now! “Aleo melts the ice and hits it into the net with her Assassins series.”—Award-winning author Jami Davenport

Cocktails and Books gave Blue Lines 5 glasses!

Marie Haney, Reviewer’s Thoughts:

Toni Aleo hits a new high with Blue Lines, the fourth book in her Assassins series featuring Erik Titov and Piper Allen. Erik and Piper have lives that are intertwined; their families are really close because Erik’s brother is married to Piper’s sister. Having been in love with him for years, Piper is shocked and excited when one day he approaches her and they spend an amazing night together. She doesn’t feel quite the same way about the fact that he broke it off with her and spent the next six months having sex with any female who looked his way. Despite his wayward ways, she has a lifelong symbol of their night together, his child. When she finally tells him six months later the last thing she expects is for him to propose, but they spend the rest of the time trying to navigate their new relationship while preparing for their child.

Erik Titov is not a nice guy, and for half the book all you will want to do is try to shake some sense in him. Although you are sympathetic because of his past it is so bad that by the time he begins to show some signs of changing it is almost too late to change your opinion of him. There is some improvement of his attitude and behavior, and Mrs. Aleo does a good job of making the transition seem smooth. Piper, on the other hand, seemed needy and whiny at times, trying to make it work with an oftentimes uncooperative husband. But for some reason these characters really work, and their flaws are what keeps your reading. This book will make you laugh, cry, scream in frustration, and run the emotional gauntlet from start to finish and will leave you wishing the story doesn’t end.

Rumpled Sheets Blog says:


She fell for him since the first moment she met. One night her wish to be with him came true. For him, that night was just one time, nothing more. But that night had the consequence. Something beautiful. A baby.

This is the story of Piper Allen and Erik Titov and how his walls started to crumble and melt because of her. Because she found a way to his heart.

Beautiful love story that will fill your heart.

A must read.

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Blue Lines by Toni Aleo (Outtakes 2) by Romance At Random

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