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Stay Hot in the Cold ;)

Happy coldest month of the year! I mean…Happy New Year! I’ve been trying to focus on my resolutions, all of those “self-improvement” goals I set every year, but I can’t stop focusing on the barometer. My “socialize more” goal quickly turned into “keep warm at all costs and stay at home under the covers, reading.” Not exactly progress.

That’s why I’ve created this list of things to do to stay hot while it’s below freezing outside. Some for the introvert, some for the single gal and some for the couples out there…

  1. Bubble Bath: Nothing is more relaxing than taking off the tights and socks and boots and scarf and hat and…well, you get the idea, and spending the evening in a warm bath. Buy yourself some fancy soap and listen to your favorite album, close your eyes and daydream, or light some candles and surprise your guy after dinner.
  2. Go to a sports game: Basketball, hockey, whatever you like (or wherever the cuter players are!). This is a perfect date idea and being inside a stadium packed with people is bound to be warmer—and more exciting—than walking around outside.
  3. Cozy up by the fire: If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, light it up! The rest of us poor saps without a hearth are jealous—and this is the time to use it. If you don’t have one of your own, go have a hot toddy at a bar in your neighborhood that does have one. If you’re single maybe you’ll meet someone while warming your feet.
  4. Indoor Picnic: Since it’s too cold to go outside, fake a picnic in your kitchen. Throw down a comfy blanket and pack your dinner into a basket—even if you’re only taking it from the counter to the floor. Drink some wine and be thankful there are no ants crawling on your sandwiches.
  5. Build a snowman: Say screw the cold, put on all of your layers and go build a snowman outside! The cold air will give you a rosy glow and there’s always hot cocoa for afterwards J

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