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April Fool’s #HunkDay Special: Hollywood’s Hottest Jokesters

We didn’t want to play any mean cyber jokes on y’all today, but we did want to do something for April Fool’s Day. The compromise? A #HunkDay special bulletin bringing you the hottest jokesters in Hollywood. Some of them are famous for their pranks, but for others (cough, George Clooney, cough) it’s a secret talent. Who’s your favorite Hollywood prankster?    1. Johnny Knoxville. Though he’s quieted down a little as he’s gotten older, Johnny was one of the original MTV badboys with his show, Jacka**, where he played pranks on his friends (and himself!). Photo courtesy of 2. Paul Rudd. More of a sly prankster than Johnny Knoxville and his crew, Rudd has built his career on hilarious movies. But one of his [...]