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Talking with Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke about YOUR PERFECT LIFE

Lisa Steinke and Liz Fenton are the dynamic duo behind the blog Chick Lit Is Not Dead. No, chick lit is not dead. And Liz and Lisa continue to prove it with their new novel YOUR PERFECT LIFE. Today, they talk with R@R about their unique collaboration, the books that get them excited, and why the grass isn’t always greener.  How did your writing collaboration happen, and how does it work? We’ve known each other for 25 plus years and from the moment we met in high school, we always shared a love of books and reading. But it wasn’t until college that we first collaborated on a writing project. And that single experience of co-authoring a one-act play for [...]

My Writing Haven – guest post by Bronwen Evans + drawing for a vacation Getaway!

I’m having some writing friends join me at my beach house this week. I call it a beach house but it’s about a mile from the sea set amongst the vineyards. I look out over grape vines through one of New Zealand’s premium wineries, Elephant Hill, out to the sea. It’s actually about to storm here even though it’s about 32C (around 90f). The sea’s suddenly gone from turquoise to a deep angry blue. The pool is still being finished off. The tiling is about to be done, hence why I’m up here for the week. The house is full of dust and dirt but do I care – no! Not with this view…

Believe: Guest Post by Sharon Cullen

The presents have been opened, the Christmas cookies eaten and of course, we now know the Mayans were way wrong. Now we’re looking forward to a new year. A new beginning. It’s time to think about what we want to accomplish and to set some goals. 2013 is already shaping up to be a great year for me. My debut book from Loveswept, The Notorious Lady Anne, will be released in February as well as The Infamous Lord Blythe later in the year. For years my motto has always been one word. Believe. It can encompass whatever I want it to. Believe and you will achieve. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. This one word has propelled me to [...]

Guest Post: Give Me Some of That Sexy Hero + Giveaway

When I first began writing my novel, A SEAL AT HEART, I had to ask myself the question—what makes a hero sexy? To bring clarity to my answer, I drove over to the Amphibious Base in Coronado where the Navy SEALS train and watched the latest BUD/S class run through the Obstacle Course. Yes, these men were excellent specimens of fitness, though they were very young and didn’t have that extra something that would draw me to them. As my husband climbed the hill and sat down next to me, I saw all too clearly what being a hero is all about. He embodies it. In my opinion a hero has dedication, drive, and a desire to reach his goal, [...]

Guest Post – Changes by Wendy Vella

Changes, we all have them – go through them and read about them, so how do you deal with them? Enjoy Wendy’s post. As a writer I’m used to emotion. We deal in passion, sorrow, joy and laughter. However, I sometimes feel that I was born with an over-emotive gene that makes me experience everyone’s highs and lows. I’m one of those ridiculously soppy people who can well up in seconds, be it a sad or happy situation. I read far more than is necessary into every situation and then analyze and gnaw on it until everyone is sick of the subject.

Guest Post – A Day in the Life of Novelist Stephanie Bond

Stephanie Bond, author extraordinaire, shares her glamorous life . . . or not LOL, enjoy! Spoiler alert—I’m going to burst your bubble about how glamorous my life is as a novelist. Here’s a glimpse of my typical day: 7:00 a.m. – My alarm sounds. When I lift my head, a caffeine withdrawal headache explodes in my temples. I’m on deadline, so I’ve been running on caffeine, and now my body demands it. I get up to retrieve Excedrin, a can of Coke Zero, and a cold pack from the freezer for my head. I turn on the news and fire up my laptop; I have 810 accumulated unanswered emails in my inbox. I return emails until the headache goes away. [...]

That Darn Fairy – Guest Post from Andris Bear

From Andris Bear: I’ve taken a lot of my kid’s teeth. Umm. That didn’t come out right. What I meant to say is the Tooth Fairy visits our house frequently. Not this Tooth Fairy. Otherwise I’d be pulling teeth left and right–my teeth. Hub’s teeth. The dog’s teeth. Heck, I’d even yank the neighbor’s chompers. With three kids, ages six to nine, that bankrupting Sprite has practically moved in.