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Molly O’Keefe eBooks now only- $4.99

Get all of Molly’s eBooks for only $4.99 each: Can’t Hurry Love Never Been Kissed Between the Sheets Can’t Buy Me Love Crazy Thing Called Love Wild Child And The Crooked Ranch Trilogy only $9.99! “Molly O’Keefe delivers addictive and sexy romance at its best: irresistible and satisfying . . . a terrific read.”—New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery “Molly O’Keefe is a unique, not-to-be-missed voice in romantic fiction . . . an automatic must-read!”—New York Times bestselling author Susan Andersen

Cover Reveal – Bring on the Heat ~ Sizzlin’

The Boys of Summer are hot – author Katie Rose launches a new contemporary sports series featuring Chase Westbrook of the Sonics baseball league, I’d say she’s got a home run! From the author: It’s all my daughter’s fault. I admit, I was not a sports fan. I was a book nerd in school, never participating in volleyball, basketball, or even soccer. I had two left feet, and two left arms. I was used to being the last called for any team, which suited me just fine. I much preferred to sit on the sidelines and talk with my friends about my latest crush instead of being on a field and being crushed. But my ex-husband was a diehard fan [...]

Cover Reveal – A Highlander’s Obsession

What can I say? I’m obsessed over this series – delightfully fun with characters you’d like to meet – sexy and cleverly written and who knew I’d have a crush on a bear-shifter? So, whatcha’ think? Love the cover? Happy Romance!

Get Educated About MMA – Sidney Halston’s Got the Scoop!

Sidney Halston is our resident MMA expert and will explain to us why these guys make great heroes. I told her all she needed to do was show us the pictures but she’s an over-achiever. Enjoy her post below and look for AGAINST THE CAGE, on sale May 27, 2014. The girls guide to Mixed Martial Arts (yeah, that’s what MMA stand for). Some things we should know about MMA fighters…. Their world revolves around fighting. It’s not a hobby; it is their life; their obsession. So, when the fighters in the Worth the Fight series meet their perfect woman, she immediately gets wrapped up in this world of passion, obsession, and fury. MMA fighters are inherently bad-boy alpha-males, usually [...]

Snippet of ROCK IT by Jennifer Chance

Here’s what readers are already saying about this soon to be released romance – on sale 3/4/2014: “Ms. Chance’s writing was well-paced, humorous, had a great storyline, steamy, steamy well-written chemistry between the Dante and Lacey, and sigh worthy declarations of love at the end. This romance addict enjoyed every. single. page.”~Goodreads Reviewer – Ms Chris 1161 “Dante is one of the sexiest, most wanted rockstars there ever was and he knows it.”~Sarah Angell “This book as like a breath of fresh air. A nice, fun, quick, sexy read. (very sexy actually, without being crude or vulgar, yeay!)”~Esther Judge for yourself, Jennifer has shared a first chapter snippet on her Facebook page – enjoy!

14 Days of Giveaways: Day 1

Happy February! Today marks the official start of our 14 Days of Giveaways! Over the next two weeks we’ll be giving out over 700 romance titles by 85 different authors! Each day you’ll have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win that day’s themed prize pack, which will include a mix of print and e-Original titles from Penguin Random House. Today, we’re giving way 5 Contemporary Romance prize packs! Each prize pack includes one copy of: Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe, Matchpoint by Elise Sax, Once Tempted by Laura Moore, Yours to Keep by Serena Bell, Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young, Rumor Has It by Jill Shalvis, Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard and The Valentine’s Arrangement by [...]

At the River’s Edge by Mariah Stewart – Sneak Peek

On sale tomorrow, At the River’s Edge by New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart – After taking stock of her life, Sophie Enright has decided it’s time for a break. Between a law career that’s become criminally dull and a two-timing boyfriend she’s done with once and for all, Sophie desperately needs some time to think and some space to breathe. The perfect place to do both is easygoing St. Dennis, Maryland, where Sophie can visit with her brother while she figures out her options. Once in St. Dennis, she discovers a shuttered restaurant and makes a bold move that is also a leap of faith. Sophie buys the fixer-upper in order to finally pursue her dream career. But [...]

Watch the trailer for MIRACLE ROAD by Emily March, on sale today!

You’re seeing it here first: Below you’ll find the trailer for MIRACLE ROAD, Emily March’s latest novel set in the endearing town of Eternity Springs. After tragedy strikes his team, college basketball coach Lucca Romano arrives in the haven of Eternity Springs to reassess his life. Even a winning record and big offers can’t dent the wall of guilt that Lucca has built around himself. Nothing can—except maybe a vibrant new neighbor who won’t give up on him. Schoolteacher Hope Montgomery believes in miracles. She has to believe—because giving up would mean crumbling under the greatest loss a parent can endure. Hope understands Lucca’s suffering; she lives it herself every day. However, the high school team needs his coaching expertise, [...]

#Book Review of Accidental Cowgirl, Romancing the Book strongly recommends

Aubrey’s Review: I adore books about cowboys. I do not know if it is because I’m a city girl longing to live out in the country or what. I really liked this novel. It was super sweet and the characters had depth and dimension. I could really relate to Kyla in that I hope to find my forever love in a cowboy or farmer. Kyla comes to Montana with a bunch of baggage. She is scared of life in a way after trusting her ex-fiancé who ended up being a con artist. Her best friends take her on vacation in the hopes that she can leave her past behind her and move on. Little does she know that she fall [...]

Emily March is hitting the road!

MIRACLE ROAD, that is. Emily March’s newest novel, Miracle Road, is coming this November, and if you’re lucky enough to live in any of the cities below, the author could be stopping by your town! Click on the little red car below to learn more.

Ruthie’s Reality – It’s All About the Chest Hair

This week we’re going to try out a new format. I’ve been thinking about how to bring you a glimpse of my “reality” through this column — but the Reality of Ruthie is that I spend most of my time sitting in a purple chair in my office, writing books. (See? There’s my purple chair.) My life this morning consists of thoughts like “I have to throw another load of towels in the wash” and “If I have to transform Kidlet’s insecticon thing one more time I’m going to scream” and “Last night I had a dream about Pete Rose.” My reality is writing this blog post and thinking about the enormous amount of work I have to do this [...]

The Barbie Evolution . . . by Molly O’Keefe

Look for Molly’s Blog Hop coming soon — win FREE books – mark your calendars!! Here’s Molly! MO: When my daughter was born two and a half years after my son, she was born into a world of robots and fire trucks. And because she was the second child and the second child is always slighted (I say this with authority as a second child who was slighted and as a mom who has slighted her second child) this didn’t change until she was three.

Book#Review from Abigail Books Addiction – After the Kiss by Lauren Layne

Review by Abigail: I could not stop reading this story from the first page. These characters are so lovable and relate able that many reader can connect to. Julie is the Dater Queen. She is the perfect girl to have if you are looking for no commitment. However, everything changes when her boss tells her to do an article on relationship. She decides to pursuit Mitchell because he seem the “boring” type. But Mitchell is looking for a change since he made a bet on not being in an relationship. Mitchell and Julie are totally opposite but are totally perfect for each other. They truly begin to fall in love with each other that it freaks them out at first. [...]

#WildWednesday with Molly O’Keefe & #Free Snippet for Wild Child

So, last week we met Monica through Jackson’s eyes and now we get Jackson through Monica’s eyes. Monica Appleby has come to Bishop Arkansas immediately after the funeral of her best friend. She is heart-sick, broke and very wary. The last thing she wants is to be attracted to the town’s Mayor.

#WildWednesday Free snippet of Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe

Book copy: Perfect for readers of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson, this sizzling romance tells the story of a sexy small-town mayor and a notorious “bad girl,” who discover that home really is where the heart is.

Ruthie’s Reality: Four Questions for Debut Author Lauren Layne + Giveaway!

It’s release day for Loveswept debut author Lauren Layne’s fabulous After the Kiss (which I got to read in advance, nyah-nyah), and I managed to buttonhole Lauren long enough to get the inside scoop on the novel. After the Kiss made me laugh out loud several times. You think it’s going to be all fluffy fun and then it keeps tricking you with these hilarious and intelligent close observations that you don’t quite expect.

Guest Post: Your last big challenge by Lily Everett (Louisa Edwards) promoting her new series, The Billionaire Brothers

I’ve always been afraid to try writing a novella. I know, it seems easy—it’s shorter! Surely common sense dictates it should take less time and be easier to plot a novella than a full-length novel. In this case, common sense is dead wrong.

On Birth Order and Romance

Many people believe that birth order plays a lasting role in a person’s psychological development. While some scientists may disagree, traits common to first, second, third, and even fourth-born children have permeated popular culture. Firstborns are thought of as reliable, conscientious, and structured achievers. Middle children struggle to carve out identities distinct from their siblings (“Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”) and are oftentimes rebellious, but can also be people-pleasers and peacemakers. Finally, lastborn children are believed to be outgoing, attention-seeking, artistic, and self-centered.

B&N Bookseller Picks: July

Barnes & Noble buyer Jules Herbert is a driving force behind the excellent selection in Barnes & Noble’s romance section. Here’s his list of recommendations for the month of July:

Everything You Need To Know about Flirting with Disaster in Seven Random Questions + Giveaway

Today is release day for Flirting with Disaster, the third installment in my Camelot series. Yay! I feel as though all discussions of Flirting should begin with the phrase “And now for something a little different…” RT Book Reviews agrees: RT made Flirting with Disaster a “Top Pick” for the month of June, and reviewer Morgan Doremus leads her assessment (4.5 stars out of a possible 4.5!) with the declaration, “You have never met a romance hero quite like Sean Owens.” Indeed, you have not.

#CoverReveal – After the Kiss by Lauren Layne – #Loveswept Contemporary Romance Rocks!

Readers who love Kristan Higgins, Julie James & Ruthie Knox? Pre-order now – you’ll love this book and the rest of the Stiletto Series too!!

Blog Tour – Strangers on a Train, hop on! + Giveaway

Welcome to the Strangers on a Train blog tour! Strangers on a Train is a series of five short, sexy stories releasing today, April 2, 2013. Written by Serena Bell, Donna Cummings, Samantha Hunter, Ruthie Knox, and Meg Maguire, the stories explore the thrill and heat of meeting a romantic stranger in an unusual setting. In my Strangers on a Train story, Ticket Home, the hero stalks the heroine’s commute home determined to win her back. Writing Ticket Home, I thought a lot about the train rides in my own life. I love trains—the sound of them, the even quality of the ride, the way a train is fixed in its tracks. Your car goes everywhere you take it, but [...]


I remember the first time I told a friend that I was going to try my hand at writing a romance. She wrinkled her nose, and asked,“Ugh, why Romance?” I answered with what I think is a much better question: “Why not Romance?” See, my love-affair with the genre started young. I spent much of my youth frustrated that there wasn’t a little more about Ned Nickerson in the Nancy Drew series. And I only read the Baby Sitter’s Club series for references to Logan and Mary Anne. Then I discovered the Sweet Valley Twins series. By far, my favorite was #43: Elizabeth’s First Kiss. My aunt caught me reading it and teased me about reading “kissy books.” I was [...]

Guest Post: Why contemporary romance? by Bronwen Evans + #Giveaway

I’ve got a new book out and surprise, surprise it’s not a historical. THE RELUCTANT WIFE is my first contemporary and it was both strange, and exciting, writing it. I wanted to write a story based on a fertility issue that affects about one third of women, including me-endometriosis. The characters, Abby Taylor and Conte Dante Lombardi, jumped immediately into my head, but the theme just wouldn’t work in a Regency setting because the condition, and the added complications, would’ve resulted in death. Not really suitable for a romance as there would be no HEA. It got me thinking about the challenges an author faces when writing a Regency versus a contemporary. There are several plot themes and character types [...]

Guest Post: De-Stressing in Autumn by Elisabeth Barrett + Giveaway!

Things have been crazy for me lately. Work, writing, kids, school projects, my own projects, birthdays, anniversaries…it’s been a little nuts at the Barrett household over the past couple of months. Now, this isn’t a complaint. I’m grateful for so many things (like the successful release of Blaze of Winter and my wedding anniversary, of course—Mr. B, are you reading this?), but my Google calendar (color-coded for each family member, natch) looks like a patchwork quilt, I’ve started to put little post-it notes up everywhere so I remember what I’m supposed to do when, and there have been times when I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. I haven’t forgotten any of the kids…yet…but there are plenty of other [...]

Guest Post: Macy Beckett, Sultry with a Twist

Macy: Thanks so much for hosting me today, Sue. It’s a pleasure to be here! Sue: Thanks Macy – we’re thrilled to have you on R@R & congrats on your new release, we’re all anxious to hear more about Sultry Springs! Have fun!! Breaking the Rules A few months ago, I received an email from a fellow romance writer who was putting together a workshop and wanted examples of books that’d sold, despite “breaking the rules.” Her request made me stop and think. It soon occurred to me that Sultry with a Twist fit that description. In the world of contemporary romance, you typically don’t see spiritual elements and steamy sex within the same story—either it’s “hot” and devoid of [...]

Guest Post: Barbara Freethy – If you had three wishes …

What would you wish for? This past year I’ve been writing a contemporary romance series based on the theme of wishes. In researching my theme, I discovered that there are many ways and means by which we make wishes. We wish on the first star of the night and also falling stars, while blowing out birthday candles, pulling apart a wish bone, going through tunnels, traveling over bridges, throwing coins in a fountain, blowing away the seeds of a flower, finding a lost eyelash, discovering old bottles on the beach that might have belonged to a genie, and we can even earn a wish by telling someone that the clasp on their necklace is showing.

Guest Post – Let Me Be the One by Bella Andre

Contemporary romance is fueling a lot of our reading today & Bella Andre has some of the best with her Sullivan’s series – check it out, enjoy! For the past year, I’ve been writing sweet and sexy contemporary romances about The Sullivan family. My latest – LET ME BE THE ONE (The Sullivans Book #6) – has just been released and I’m thrilled that it became a USA Today bestseller after only three days! I can’t thank all of my readers enough for the way they’ve embraced my six Sullivan brothers, two twin sisters, and their mother.

Redemption of a Hero, Guest Post by Marquita!

Redeeming a hero. Not the easiest of jobs an author has, but certainly one of the most satisfying. Who doesn’t like to see the Formerly Arrogant Hero humbled by the Not Putting Up With You Heroine? Although, to be fair, the FAH has just had his entire world turned upside down or even imploded by the NPUWYH. And none of his old tricks or habits are going to cut it anymore-at least not for her. So what’s a guy to do? Something sparkly helps. Or something more understated?

Guest Post – Act now, think later.

Love the title of this post – sometimes there is just not time for all of that thinking *smile* – Guest Elisabeth Barrett, debut author with Loveswept just released her new book, DEEP AUTUMN HEAT – a great Summer read – enjoy! For the most part, this is not my life’s motto. I’m a deep thinker and I definitely tend to over-think most things. I’m also a list-maker, an organizer, and a worst-case scenario gal. I love to work through every permutation of what could possibly go wrong, and then figure out a game plan for dealing with every conceivable outcome. Except for the things that seem to matter most.