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The Romantic Thriller Series: Pros and Cons By Allison Brennan and Giveaway!

I’ve always read mysteries, and one thing I noticed about my reading habits was that I gravitated to mysteries where there was a continuing love story—starting with Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson. When Nora Roberts JD Robb series gave us Eve Dallas and Roarke, I was in heaven … I love the suspense, and I love the continuing relationship between these two strong characters. The conflict between them is believable, but we also see how their love and support endures over time, becoming stronger. I love NCIS, and enjoy the chemistry between Tony and Ziva even though their relationship isn’t a primary storyline. I’m dying to find out what’s going to happen with Nick and Juliette on GRIMM now that [...]

In the Name of Research – Guest Post by Kylie Brant

IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH, heh,that’s what they say Enjoy Kylie’s post & check out her book DEADLY SINS, available now. It’s no secret that writers will go to great lengths to gain research for our novels. I once spent a day hiking through the Willamette Forest in Oregon, crawling through caves with momentary amnesia regarding my aversion to bats. I had powerful motivation: I was looking for the perfect cave for my character to dispose of seven sets of skeletal remains. Fortunately the bats stayed hidden for the day and I did discover the perfect spot. I also had an epiphany of sorts–when I walked through the dappled woods and saw a cave with a keyhole in the ceiling [...]