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Getting BREATHLESS FOR HIM with Sofia Tate

Sofia Tate joins us today to talk about her Forever Yours debut, BREATHLESS FOR HIM. (If that cover doesn’t grab you, I don’t know what will.)The story: As a gifted opera singer, Allegra Orsini’s only obsession is music-until she meets him. A strikingly handsome and powerful man with a life splashed across the tabloids, Davison Cabot Berkeley isn’t what she expected. He’s unlike the other wealthy patrons who dine at Le Bistro. Davison sees more than just a coat-check girl working her way through grad school. And from the moment he looks at her, those deep green eyes ignite a fire inside Allegra she’s never felt before.  She craves Davison’s touch-his possession-endlessly. Even though every fiber of her being is telling her [...]

GODZILLA—A Surprising Love Story

When I was a little girl, I watched old-school Godzilla on Ted Turner’s Supersation 17 (or TBS for you real old-timers) in Atlanta, Georgia. I might have just dated myself. Let’s keep that between us, yeah?
I remember Godzilla being this big, scary dinosaur/sea/who-knows-what-it-is monster and of course I remember people scattering like ants when he roared. I remember the epic battles with Mothra, Ghidora and King Kong. Death, mass destruction, mayhem—Godzilla was one of the original death-bringers. So when my three teen girls asked me to take them to see the new Godzilla, I was skeptical. I expected more death, mass destruction and mayhem only this time (SPOILER ALERT PEOPLE) Godzilla was a good monster, full of love and caring for the human race—look, I could be stretching that a bit, but bear with me.

Bottom line?

The Ultimate Book Boyfriend

Those are six of my book boyfriends that I would gladly give up an evening to spend with. It’s a good thing there’s a lot of these guys to go around otherwise I’d probably have to fight a few people off for someone them. And I’d fight dirty too. Hands off the 998th Lord Commander of the Night Watch, yo’.

The ultimate book boyfriend has doesn’t have to be the Alpha Male, but the majority of them are. The best book boyfriends, at least for me, also have to have a code and live by it—even when it’s not convenient or easy for them to do so. I like a hero to have a weakness for the heroine, that bumps up against the lines he has drawn for himself. And that weakness, which we all know is really strength, allows him to become more—better.

Protected: Romance at Random Newsletter ~ Excerpt of HEAT

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Cover Reveal – FREED by Stacey Kennedy – You Betcha, More Club Sin!

  It’s finally here – Cover Reveal of Freed by Stacey Kennedy! Ladies, get ready for an emotional read – Club Sin continues with Mary & Elliott’s story. Mary Schmidt’s ultimate fantasy, a seducer in the erotic dance of dominance and submission has passed away. It’s been a few years now and she misses the sensual lifestyle they shared, but the pain of his loss is still so deep she cannot imagining developing that kind of love with someone else. Elliott Foster instantly knows that she’s the woman he’s been waiting for— the perfect woman, the perfect partner, the perfect submissive — now he needs to free her from her past love — not to forget, but to begin anew. [...]

Deceptive Innocence, Part 2 by Kyra Davis

Deceptive Innocence, Part 2 February 18/Pocket Star/$1.99 A beautiful young woman is out for revenge—only to find the man she’s targeting has secrets as dangerous as her own, and a passion she cannot resist. Ever since her mother died while serving time for a murder she didn’t commit, Bell has been focused on one thing: revenge. She knows her mother was set up by the head of the powerful Gable family, international bankers who will crush anyone for profit, or amusement. Now she’s determined to take the Gables down—from the inside. Seducing her way into the life—and bed—of the family’s rebellious youngest son, Lander, she figures it should be easy to uncover the secrets she needs to destroy the Gables. [...]

#CoverReveal – Too Much by Lea Griffith

In Lea Griffith’s Loveswept debut, a novel that’s perfect for erotic romance readers, two lovers who have shared exquisite pain and unforgettable bliss find solace back in each other’s arms. Jeremiah Copeland and Daly Edwards have a history. Even though he grew up a criminal struggling to care for two younger siblings, and she’s the pampered daughter of a power-hungry senator, they formed a bond that nothing could break. Only a lack of trust ripped them apart. Seven years later, Daly has reason to believe that Jeremiah’s brother is in trouble. She reaches out to Jeremiah the only way she knows how: at his BDSM club, The Underground. But one look ignites a heat she thought had cooled forever. As [...]

Stacey Kennedy’s BARED blog tour kickoff – A look back at Aidan and Cora in CLAIMED

This post features mature content and is recommended for adult audiences only. We’re thrilled to kick off Stacey Kennedy’s BARED: Club Sin Blog Tour. Readers of Stacey’s USA Today bestseller, CLAIMED: Club Sin, are familiar with the D/s relationship between Aidan and Cora, and Stacey promises to take you even deeper into their romance in BARED. To reintroduce you to the world of BARED, we wanted to go back to CLAIMED, into a key scene at Club Sin between Cora and Aidan viewed from Cora’s friend Presley’s perspective. If you love this scene, stop by Romance at Random on February 10 to celebrate BARED’s release–and get a special Aidan/Cora surprise from Stacey!  

#MostWantedMonday with J Kenner

Welcome to another #MostWantedMonday excerpt as we countdown to the January 7 release of Wanted by J. Kenner, book one in the Most Wanted series of erotic romances that wilI be followed by Heated in May and Ignited in September! The book is in production, and I’m doing galleys this week (checking for typos, last minute changes and the like). So I’m spending more time with Evan, too! Here’s this week’s snippet!

#StarkOnSaturday, a snippet for you, from Damien

Stark On Saturday is up and ready for you to view! I hope you enjoy this snippet of COMPLETE ME, on sale soon, 7/30/13. Pre order your copy here Look for our book hop – we’re giving away FREE copies of COMPLETE ME – details here

Cops Are the Ultimate Alpha Heroes in Virna DePaul’s New Erotic Series

Actors aren’t the only ones adept at wearing a professional mask. As a criminal prosecutor, I had mine and I worked with many cops who certainly had theirs. Cool. Calm. Solid and dependable. A cop protects others, so he needs to project all these things. However, many cops give off a sexy vibe without even trying. What is it about a “man in blue” that’s so darn intoxicating? There’s the uniform, sure. The handcuffs. The gun. But there’s also the confidence. The authority. Everyday, cops must overcome dangers that would terrify average citizens. This knowledge naturally lends itself to fantasies of meeting a man who is intuitive enough to know what a woman wants, dominant enough to give it to [...]

WINNERS ANNOUNCED Claim Me #Giveaway Hop

Winners Announced and have been contacted directly – thanks for blogging with us & visit often for more fun & Giveaways!!

Day 6,page reveal of RELEASE ME + $25 GC Giveaway!

I’m counting down the days until Release Me hits the shelves with a page reveal. Two or three pages daily, in order, from the book! Today’s excerpt starts right after yesterday’s left off! You can find all the posted excerpts by going to the Release Me Page Reveal category of the blog!

Another Sneak Peek of RELEASE ME & $25 GC Giveaway!

I’m counting down the days until Release Me hits the shelves with a page reveal. Two or three pages daily, in order, from the book! Today’s excerpt starts right after yesterday’s left off! You can find all the posted excerpts by going to the Release Me Page Reveal category of the blog!

Countdown – 10, 9, 8 . . . . 2, 1 – Release Me! + $25 GC Giveaway!

Starting tomorrow, I’m counting down the days until Release Me hits the shelves with a page reveal. Two or three pages daily, in order, from the book! I’ll be starting right after the Scribd excerpt that’s already online, so be sure to check it out first. Here’s the Scribd widget. Enjoy! And check back tomorrow for a few more pages! Release Me by J. Kenner (an excerpt) I hope you enjoyed! Come back tomorrow for more!

Erotic reads – if you like Fifty Shades of Grey try The Dark Garden

If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey . . . get ready to enter The Dark Garden. A deliciously potent tale of one woman’s quest for self-discovery.

Guest Post & Giveaway – Erotic Romance Tops the Sales Charts by Beth Kery

Join Beth Kery today & her analysis of why Erotic books are so – – – – hot – enjoy! We all know it’s true, erotic romance is more popular than it’s ever been before. The question is, why? One can’t ask the question without having four words pop into their head: Fifty Shades of Grey. I call E.L. James’ blockbuster bestseller a gateway piece of literature, because it opened up a floodgate for millions to not only the joys of sexy romance, but also to the wonderful experience of reading. Young and old, men and women, housewives and Army colonels are admittedly addicted to this book.

Romance Readers Are Asking: What to Read Next After Fifty Shades of Grey

Our blog today, is based on what to read after you’ve read the series of Fifty Shades of Grey – It is thrilling to see the influx of readers into our Romance genre, the question is can we say it is all because of E L James & her Grey series — probably not, but it is still fun to see just the same. Over the last few weeks you all have been testing my bookselling knowledge as I’ve been trying to come up with books for you to read when Grey is done. Never fear, I’ve put my fingers to the keyboard searching for ‘those’ books; I’ve made my mind perform memory-gymnastics trying to recall all of those sexy [...]

Fifty Shades of Grey – what do you recommend to read next?

Here it is! The book that is taking the Romance world by storm!!! So, what do you recommend to readers that have ventured into the romance genre with 50 Shades of Grey . . . . it’s like eating Godiva first and a Hershey bar after . . . everything else is not going to deliver the same level of satisfaction, you know what I mean? A reader asked me this question just the other day, and I came up with a few authors whose stories reached that level of steam: Robin Schone; Bertrice Small; Lora Leigh; and a few others but then I started blanking out — I could not come up with other steamy stories . . . [...]