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DESIRED: Sneak Peek

July 22nd is nearly here, which means so is DESIRED, the third book in the Club Sin series. YAH! Anyone who follows me on social media knows that I have a huge crush on Kyler, the hero from DESIRED. He has been my favorite Dom since day one. I really don’t know what it is about him that has me swooning. Maybe, it’s his playful, yet dominant personality. Perhaps it’s that he knows how to use a flogger, but also understands when a woman needs to be held. Oh, and did I mention he’s a cop? I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of reasons why I adore this hero. We’ve got a special treat for you today and are revealing the [...]

Read an excerpt from Monica Murphy’s ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND

The addicting first novel in Monica Murphy’s Drew + Fable series, One Week Girlfriend, was the talk of the town at this year’s RWA. The author handed out samplers of the novel and everyone wanted more! See what all the buzz is about below.

Read an excerpt of THE LAST VICTIM by Karen Robards!

Read on for an exciting excerpt of Karen Robard’s latest novel: The Last Victim Dr. Charlotte Stone sees what others do not. A sought-after expert in criminal pathology, Charlie regularly sits face-to-face with madmen. Obsessed with learning what makes human monsters commit terrible crimes, Charlie desires little else from life—no doubt because when she was sixteen, she herself survived a serial killer’s bloodbath: A man butchered the family of Charlie’s best friend, Holly, then left the girl’s body on a seaside boardwalk one week later. Because of the information Charlie gave police, the Boardwalk Killer went underground. She kept to herself her eerie postmortem visions of Holly and her mother. And even years later, knowing her contact with ghosts might [...]

Want to sample our next week’s releases?

Click “more” to read samples of all our books going on sale this Tuesday, July 31st. We have new releases from J. K. Beck, H. P. Mallory, Keri Arthur, and Molly O’Keefe, as well as a paperback edition of Mary Balogh’s Secret Mistress and a stellar debut novel from author Isabella Bradford. Check ‘em out, and tell us which you’re excited about in the comments!

Read an exclusive excerpt of Texas Bride: An Original Bitter Creek Novel, by Joan Johnston

From Joan Johnston – check out her website to enter: To celebrate the release of TEXAS BRIDE, I’m offering a KINDLE FIRE to a reader, along with an autographed book in this month’s book drawing on my website. So if you haven’t signed up for the new drawing yet, please do so. To enter, you’ll be asked to answer 3 questions about TEXAS BRIDE. Good luck! . HE MAY BE HER ONLY HOPE. SHE MAY BE HIS LAST CHANCE. Not that Miranda Wentworth was much for romance but she never imagined becoming a mail-order bride. Now marriage to a stranger is her only hope of finding a home where she and her two younger brothers can escape the brutality of [...]

SEE HOW THEY RUN + Giveaway!

SEE HOW THEY RUN and the Owl in the Attic (Bethany Campbell) For me, stories evolve in different ways. Sometimes one arrives complete, as if the Muse special-ordered it, monogrammed and gift-wrapped. Other stories start with one idea that just won’t go away. The trouble is, it won’t go anywhere else either. It may just hang around and hang around, inhabiting the head like a reclusive owl brooding in the attic rafters. The basis for SEE HOW THEY RUN crouched in the rafters a long, long time. The idea came from a piece written by neurologist Oliver Sacks. He described adult twins diagnosed as possibly autistic and institutionalized since childhood. Although they could not grasp much of what most of [...]

The new year – what will it bring you? + Giveaway!

The new year – what will it bring you? By Cassandra Carr The New Year is here, and that means it’s time to once again assess your life. I’m not a big resolution maker, but I do have goals. They morph and change throughout the year depending on circumstances, but they’re always in the back of my mind. These goals can be anything from finishing a book to cleaning out my closets to teaching my daughter to tie her shoes. I’m not real formal about my goals. I don’t write them down. I don’t quantify them as one-year, five-year, and ten-year goals. But I have them. What are some of my goals? Writing-wise, I’d like to put five or six [...]

Sue’s Review – The Demon Lover, by Juliet Dark + 5 Book Giveaway!!

Description: I gasped, or tried to. My mouth opened, but I couldn’t draw breath. His lips, pearly wet, parted and he blew into my mouth. My lungs expanded beneath his weight. When I exhaled he sucked my breath in and his weight turned from cold marble into warm living flesh. Since accepting a teaching position at remote Fairwick College in upstate New York, Callie McFay has experienced the same disturbingly erotic dream every night: A mist enters her bedroom, then takes the shape of a virile, seductive stranger who proceeds to ravish her in the most toe-curling, wholly satisfying ways possible. Perhaps these dreams are the result of her having written the bestselling book The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers. [...]

Holiday Blues and Things That Pick Me Up! + giveaway!

Holiday Blues and Things That Pick Me Up! by Keira Gillett Love Romance Passion Thanks Sue for inviting me here today at Romance At Random! Show of hands—how many of you have finished your shopping already? How many are still running around trying to find everything? I see with these two questions I got all of your attention! Ha! So now my next is—what are you doing for yourself? Nothing? For shame! Here are 5 things I’m doing this holiday season that kicks holiday blues to the curb, relaxes me and gives me great pleasure (And I’m not just talking about abducting Robert Pattinson for a weekend, rawr!!! Down girl! lol): 1.) Bubble Baths: Seriously, a bubble bath has got [...]

Weekly Winners !

Weekly Winners! Winners on Romance At Random Hi everyone! Thanks again for blogging with us this week — winners are below & if you are one, please send your snail mail to: so we can get you your book! Authors that may have offered a giveaway during the week will post their winners on those posts in the comment section — so take a look to see if you’re included! Now . . . R@R’s Weekly Winners . . . Congrats to all: 1- Sheila 2-Kandy 3- Jenn 4-Connie 5-The Book Queen Until next week – happy romance! SueG

Climbing Into Your Character’s Skin + Giveaway!

Climbing Into Your Character’s Skin ‘Stay in your skin’ is a phrase my shifters use in my Feral Warriors series. It means keep your claws and fangs from erupting. Stay in control. But that phrase has a slightly different meaning for me, as the writer. To me, it means keeping my characters real and true to who they are. In my case, I’m not staying in my skin so much as staying in theirs. So who are the Feral Warriors? They’re the last nine shape-shifters left in the world, each of whom shifts into a different animal—lion, hawk, wolf, jaguar, viper, etc. All are warriors, all are alpha males—big, strong, and dangerous. But each is also an individual with a [...]

Exclusive Interview on Romance At Random + Giveaway!

INTERVIEW: Jessica Scott, author of Loveswept Debut release, BECAUSE OF YOU By: Anne Woodall Recently I had the opportunity to interview Jessica Scott, whose poignant military romance, BECAUSE OF YOU, will be on sale November 14, 2011. Following is my Question & Answer session with her. Enjoy! ANNE: Tell us a little something about yourself – who you are and what your everyday life is like? JESSICA: My real life is chaos. Honestly. I’m a career army officer and just crossed the 16 year mark this past summer. Mom of 2 little girls, 3 dogs, 3 cats. Wife of a husband who’s on his fourth combat tour to Iraq. And I just left company command, which means I adopted almost [...]

The hook . . . + Giveaway

The Hook, by Bev Nichol, Romantic Reader My favorite opening scene has to be from MISCHIEF, by Amanda Quick. I was recently listening to the audiobook while in my car driving home from work one rainy fall evening. The ambience was perfect as it set the mood for the story. Matthias, Earl of Colchester, enters the dark residence, holding a flickering candle. As he explores the old house he happens upon a sarcophagus. Of course it is late at night and he is tired, so where do you think he decides to lay down to relax? Our heroine Imogen and her maid Bess enter the scene & suddenly Matthias is awakened by a bloodcurdling scream! Since having read many Amanda [...]

November – Giveaway Hop, just in time for the giving season – Good Luck!

We want to hear from you & would love to giveaway, 5 post spots in December – the theme is, ‘Giving At Christmas’, what are some of your favorite things to give & receive, 500 words or less with a question at the end to ignite discussion – give it a whirl & see if blogging is something you’d like to do + books 5 Randomly chosen winners to receive random romance books! (US only for book giveaway) – thanks for visiting us at Romance At Random! Click on the image to see other participating sites WINNERS Congrats to all! Debbie Davis Julie Bee Lippo Mary Donna The Happy Booker Krystal Larson

Embrace the Highland Warrior + Giveaway!

I’ve always been fascinated with the unexplained, but when I started writing it never occurred to me to write a paranormal story. Since I’ve always loved mysteries and romance, that’s what I wrote…romantic suspense. But almost immediately, my love of the supernatural started seeping into my writing, and I found myself in a world of Secret Warriors, Ancient Evil, and Destined Love. And I love it. I love the mystery and suspense that comes with a world that isn’t quite what it seems. The second book in my Scottish paranormal series continues with the Connor Clan. Embrace the Highland Warrior tells Cody and Shay’s story. It’s a story of love, betrayal, and making peace with the past. Here’s a blurb. [...]

More Than A Maverick + Gift Certificate Giveaway!

MORE THAN A MAVERICK Party with an Amazon Gift Certificate Drawing! Leanne Banks wants to know … Ever Want Something So Bad You’re Willing To Make A Fool Of Yourself? I have… more than a few times. Gotta say that cutting loose and giving it all I’ve got produces a rush that can’t be beat. My family once went to a Dixie Stampede dinner where people from the audience became part of the act by participating in competitions. I was one of those chosen and I was supposed to take part of a relay and since I know I run like a girl, I pulled off my shoes and dug my bare feet into the mud and ran. Another, much [...]

Spooktacular Blog Hop — Win Big! Lots of Giveaways . . . Check us out for details.

Spooktacular BLOG HOP — participating sites can be found here! Giveaway of Lara Adrian’s, DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT-book #9 in Lara’s Midnight Breed series — & don’t forget DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT will be on sale 1/24/2012!! Winners for a copy of DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT will be chosen randomly from commenters below & announced on 11/2/2011 within this post – US only – Good Luck! WINNER CONGRATS!! Elena SUSAN T JENK TERRA HACK The Book Diva Jacque Stengel Ashley Siegle Joselyn Vaughn Michelle – Book Briefs Kassie You’re at the right place! Good sleuthing – alright, the Bonus question is, ‘Do you like Scavenger Hunts?’ – email your answer to:! Thanks for playing!! Now, go back to the Scavenger Hunt post [...]

No Guts, No Glory- by Sara + giveaway!

No Guts, No Glory- by Sara Humphreys Where do I begin? In some ways it feels like I’ve been doing this my whole life and then again…it’s been just a blink. Back in 2008 I finished my very first manuscript and had the audacity to send it out to everyone. Let’s face it. I had NO idea what I was doing. I was rejected a lot and by just about everyone. Oh, I had several nibbles, requests for full manuscripts and so on but mostly they said, “No thank you.” By the summer of 2009 my book was available as an e-book which was very exciting but I can’t tell you how many people thought it wasn’t a real book. [...]

Weekly Winnners!!!

Winners on Romance At Random Hi everyone! Thanks again for blogging with us this week — winners are below & if you are one, please send your snail mail to so we can get you your book! Authors that may have offered a giveaway during the week will post their winners on those posts in the comment section — so take a look to see if you’re included! Now . . . R@R’s Weekly Winners . . . Congrats to all: 1- Vanessa 2-LeeMclean 3- MaryG 4-Maureen 5-KatyL + 2 more for fun! 6-TracyS 7- SaraWatts Thanks so much for joining us at Romance At Random — 5 more winners will be chosen next week so stop on by!! [...]

Cool Words . . . Hip Words . . .? + Giveaway!!

Hi all! I was writing up our post for today & one thing came to another before I suddenly realized that I didn’t know if cool, is still, a ‘cool’ word, or, a ‘hip’ word, or, the ‘in’ word people use these days. That, I must say, really bothered me. Although, in my mind, I’m still ‘cool’, ‘in’, but really, I never was very ‘hip’, . . . so where, when, did I lose touch with today’s lingo? I cannot believe this has happened. HELP!! Romance Readers unite! Help me enhance my vocabulary with the in words . . . do you know what they are? Here are few I found on Google – thank God for Google! sweet! means [...]

Once and Again + Giveaway!

Once and Again is a delightful sexy romantic contemporary that speaks to us of family and second chances. Lily Travis never thought she would come back to Petal, Georgia but here she is trying to get her fifteen year old brother back on track and help her mother after her dad deserts them both for a 20 something woman. Sexy and all grown up, she has it all together until she sees Nathan Murphy. Nathan was the love of her life in collage until she saw him kissing her cousin. Seven years has passed since they broke up but Lily has never forgotten her first love. Nathan Murphy made a horrible mistake seven years ago when he let Lily walk [...]

People always ask me why romantic suspense? by Dee Davis + Giveaway!

People always ask me why romantic suspense? And the answer is actually pretty straight forward. First off, I’ve been an incurable romantic for most of my life. As a little girl, I cried at the end of Cinderella because we didn’t get to see her get married. And I cheered endlessly for Calvin and Meg in A Wrinkle in Time. I wanted Aurora to find her prince charming. And I always thought Ned needed a bigger role in Nancy’s adventures. (I even had hopes for Lucy and Mr. Tumnus.) I always wanted the girl to get the guy in movies. And happily ever after was so important to me I (only occasionally) double checked the last line of a book [...]

Weekly Winners!

Winners on Romance At Random Hi everyone! Thanks again for blogging with us this week — winners are below & if you are one, please send your snail mail to so we can get you your book! Authors that may have done a giveaway during the week will post their winners in the comment section — so take a look to see if you’re included! Now . . . R@R’s Weekly Winners . . . Congrats to all: 1- GailN 2- DeeF 3- Stacey 4- elizabeth 5- MaryC & 2 extras for fun! 6- Trish J 7- Paula Thanks so much for joining us at Romance At Random — 5 more winners will be chosen next week so stop [...]

Top 5 Fails of Romance + Giveaway!!

Hey everyone. This is Susi from Book Lovers Inc and today I will share my top 5 fails of romance tropes gone bad in real life with you. You all know that there are things we adore and crave in our romance novels even though we read about them a bazillion times. I like my tropes and they work so well in the novels but lately I thought if those are actually real life material- and no I don’t mean the vamps, shifters and other supernatural beings. Some things sound awesome in a story but would I still love them if they would happen to me? Actually I’m sure I wouldn’t. So here goes my real life romance novel fails [...]

Are romance novels to blame for problems like weight gain and unhappy marriages? + Giveaway!

Are romance novels to blame for problems like weight gain and unhappy marriages? I don’t think so. However, it’s been making a lot of buzz lately. Apparently, at least one psychologist thinks romance novels give women unrealistic expectations thus leading to adultery and depression. (Because we all think 6’5” hunks grow on trees.) After I read about this, and stopped laughing, I remembered all the readers that have said the exact opposite. One woman even said I saved her marriage because my stories “inspired her,” if you know what I mean. I had another reader who got inspired by some of my butt-kicking heroines to take up martial arts. I think that’s wonderful! I love a good “escape” and I [...]

What’s in a Name? Wurglebubbleschnickle + Giveaway!

WURGLEBUBBLESCHNICKLE – what does that mean to you? Correct, not a damn thing And that is my problem. I am trying to come up with a very catchy title for a book and OMG you would think I was trying to write the Declaration of Independence!One thing I’ve learned about the internet over the years is you can find almost anything . . . especially if you GOOGLE it! So I did, & this is what I found when I GOOGLED, “HOW TO CHOOSE A BOOK TITLE”: 6 Keys to Choosing Your Best Title 1. Write down all possible titles. Anything and everything you can think of. You never know which phrase may catch and stick. 2. Pay attention to [...]

Readers Crown Winners – 2011 Romcon

Congratulations to the 2011 Readers’ Crown Winners! Reader Judges. Reader Rated. Best of the Best. We congratulate this year’s fine selection of top authors! Best First Book & Best Long Erotic Romance Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning It’s been months since Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist for the famous rock band, Sinners, composed anything. Unable to write the music that once flowed so naturally, Brian is lost without his musical mojo. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian may have found the spark he needs to reignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, will Brian be able to convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling, and [...]

That was then, this is now – Romance & it’s changes + Giveaway!

Alpha Men – Then and Now I was thinking the other day about romance books, back in the day. Now, please understand that “back in the day” I was way to young to be reading romance. When I got old enough, I started reading anything I could get my hands on. Some of these romance books were my GRANDMAS. Oh yes. They had FABIO on the cover..all blowing hair and bulging biceps. Some woman wearing a long dressing gown draped across his arms looking as if she fainted from his gorgeousness. Seriously? Twenty years ago books may have had covers that today just wouldn’t fly but I’m not quite so sure that the inner workings of a romance book have [...]

Happy Birthday! By Danielle Steel

On sale now – buy here In this beguiling new novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of three very different people, each of whom, on the same day, reaches a crucial turning point in life—a rite both bittersweet and full of hope, a time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a wish for the future. Valerie Wyatt is the queen of gracious living and the arbiter of taste. Since her long-ago divorce, she’s worked hard to reach the pinnacle of her profession and to create a camera-ready life in her Fifth Avenue penthouse. So why is she so depressed? All the hours with her personal trainer, the careful work of New York’s best hairdressers, [...]

Book Binge’s view on Rape in Romance + Giveaway!!

Holly: The subject of rape in romance comes up quite a bit in the romance community. Whether the heroine has been raped by the hero – forced seduction – or by someone else and they have to deal with the consequences together, it’s a sensitive topic. As it should be. Maybe because the majority of romance readers are women, we take it very seriously. But what about when it isn’t the woman who has been raped, but the man. Although it doesn’t happen as often, it does happen. It seems like we’re more apt to forgive if it’s the heroine doing the raping. Is it because we don’t think of men as victims? Let’s look at a a few examples. [...]