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Movie Review: THE GIVER

Based on Lois Lowry’s novel, as a film The Giver manages to be unsatisfying as entertainment while also, somehow, being emotionally effective. If you’re not already familiar with Lowry’s novel, the plot takes place in a centrally planned society that has eliminated difference, conflict, and emotion. The Giver is the story of Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), who is training to be the one person allowed cultural memory and emotion in his society, referred to as The Community. While Jonas is supposed to keep his learning secret, he is ebullient at discoveries like music, dance, and colors.  He stops taking his government mandated medication that suppresses emotion, and shares these items with his family and with his two wary best friends, drone [...]

Weekend Viewing: La Bare

La Bare is the name of a popular male strip club in Dallas. But the name could also easily refer to what the club’s strippers do in this documentary, revealing that what a woman sees on stage is only for show, allowing the viewer to see how they truly feel about their job. Coming off the popularity of the Steven Soderbergh-directed film Magic Mike about male strippers, one of the film’s stars, Joe Manganiello (Alcide in True Blood) directed this documentary with great sensitivity, allowing the dancers to be themselves and exposes what it’s really like to work as a male stripper. The mentor/father figure of the La Bare strippers is Randy, whose stage name is “Master Blaster.” He watches [...]

Movie Review: BEGIN AGAIN

If you are looking for a traditional romance where boy meets girl and, after a bunch of mishaps, eventually gets girl, Begin Again is absolutely, positively not your movie.  But if you’re looking for a deeply romantic story about collaboration and friendship with a side-dish on the consequences of fame, Begin Again is a delightful mishmash of genres even if its heroine is underwritten and the script doesn’t ultimately deliver on the initial promise of its structure. Visiting New York City from the U.K. as her musician boyfriend Dave (a perfectly cast Adam Levine) gets his big break, Greta (the always charming Keira Knightly) winds up sleeping on her friend Steve’s (James Corden) couch when Dave has an affair with [...]