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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!! from Loria Adams, author of the Flirt New Adult Soulkeepers series

Merry Christmas everyone! Lori Adams guests today wishing us all a wonderful holiday season! Lori: I am an avid reader of “O” magazine, and I always start by flipping to the back page to read the “What I Know for sure” page. I enjoy these tidbits of O wisdom but lately I’ve been wondering about: What I don’t know for sure. As a writer, I love to research topics to add layers and authenticity to stories. I love to discover what I don’t know for sure. When I read fiction, I constantly evaluate the motives and emotions of the characters. And lately, I’ve been doing this with a keen eye toward the reader. What does the reader think of this [...]

Merry Christmas from the staff at Romance At Random

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