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TRUTH OR DARE by Mira Lyn Kelly

After her one attempt at commitment ends with the discovery that her fiancé already has a wife and kid, Maggie Lawson vows that the only people she’ll love ’til death do they part will be her friends. Unfortunately that means Maggie letting her bestie rope her into a year-long dating dare: score a new date each month or pay a penalty. Seems doable—until Maggie’s date stands her up, leaving only one option: the sexy stud who just moved in upstairs. The problem? He and Maggie can’t stop fighting—and that’s just the beginning. His name is Tyler Daniels and the last thing he needs is his neighbor distracting him with her girl-next-door smile and sharp tongue. Tyler’s in Chicago for one [...]

Lover’s Day is Today! Happy LD to You!

Seriously, how big of a score is landing the blog post for Lover’s Day?! YAY!! And it’s mine, all mine!!!! So a brief confession from me. When I first heard about Lover’s Day, I was all with the side-eye toward the greeting card and chocolate candy companies, wondering how one went about the creation of a new holiday. Not that I was knocking it—Anything that celebrates lovers gets my vote!! But it sounded a smidge made up. Obviously I don’t get out enough, because this is a holiday with deep roots. Just not necessarily in my neck of the woods. In Barcelona, Spain though? Oh yes, they’ve been celebrating Lover’s day on April 23, since 1714 to honor Miguel de [...]

#Cover Reveal – Touch & Go by Mira Lyn Kelly- scrumptious!

Cover Reveal from USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly releases book two in her Chicago series next Fall . . . .

#Cover Reveal – Truth or Dare by Mira Lyn Kelly

#CoverReveal! In a deliciously sexy twist on the classic game, USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly proves that when playing truth or dare—always choose dare.

Guest Post: For the Love of My Craft by Mira Lyn Kelly

I admit it. Summer’s a tough season for me. Mostly because I’m a shameless ogler of the perfected male physique—as a romance writer committed to hotting out my heroes to the best of my ability, I have to be—and these are the months of sun-kissed, sweat-slicked, hard-cut muscles in abundant display. The guys are everywhere.

Guest Post – TORN BETWEEN TWO COACHES… by Mira Lyn Kelly

Show of hands, please. Who watches THE VOICE? Mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm. You with the hand down…WHAT??!! REALLY??!! *Mira puts on her pushy pants…they are slimming and très fashionable, but once donned, difficult to peel off…so brace yourself*