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Guest Post – Tilting My Kilt to the Poet Robert Frost by Nancy Lee Badger + $15 EGC Giveaway!

When nearly finished writing the third book in my Highland Games Through Time series, I realized I had forgotten to include a small story thread. This was my first attempt writing a series, and I heard how important it is to tie up loose ends. Jake Jamison, a secondary character in the first book, My Honorable Highlander, holds a book by a twentieth-century poet that my heroine says he should not be reading while standing in a historical village at a present day Highland games.

Travel + Kilts +Photos = a Romance Plot by Nancy Lee Badger + Giveaway!

Sue asked me to talk a little bit more about my travels as an author. Recently, I went on several trips while collecting research for my stories. Besides getting some great plot ideas, I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. As I have gotten older (my birthday was November 13th) I realize life is short; I had better take it all in. My memory being what it is, I jotted notes in a journal and used photography to help me remember my latest experiences. I have a small digital camera. Experimentation has proven irritating at times, like when I push the movie button instead of taking a simple photo. Grr!

Guest Post: Research on the Road by Nancy Lee Badger + Giveaway!

These research trips of yours sound like action packed fun! Readers, enjoy living vicariously with Nancy today on her travels! Love the photos!! I used to be a big travel buff. I represented my company at trade shows and enjoyed flying up and down the east coast. Today, however, I am older and working for myself as a full-time author, but I still travel to writer conferences. Post 9/11, I find I enjoy traveling by car or train more than by air. Trust me, though. When the opportunity comes to visit Scotland, I am UP THERE! I recently traveled from my current home in central North Carolina to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to volunteer at the annual gathering [...]