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#Thoughtful Thursday – my favorite place to read and why

I love to read as most of you do too, and I have a favorite reading spot – nothing unusual, it’s the corner of my couch. I kind of twist myself into a pretzel and surf through my ereader. I can actually sit for hours and read book after book. I wonder at times if I lived somewhere warm and exotic year round, where the weather is perfect — would I read outside?

New Release – Tempting a Devil by Samantha Kane

In Samantha Kane’s erotic tale of secrets and temptation, a woman whose only defense is seduction targets a rake who teaches her the true meaning of love. As wealthy and beautiful as she is desperate, Harriet Mercer can have any man she wants—which makes picking the worst of the lot quite easy.

Goofy, Awkward, and Still Sexy! by Cassie Mae #Flirt

What makes a hero, well, a hero? In Romance I’m often smothered by big muscles, tattoos, nice abs, and huge… well… ahem, everything. And hello! Those are all great (I drool thinking about those sexy covers!) but every once in a while, I want the guy who’s cocky and self-conscious. I want the goofy, awkward dude who looks good in a tight shirt, but won’t let you see what’s underneath. I want to read and write about all the normally unsexy things and how incredibly sexy they really are. Let me introduce you to Chase.