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Are you a fan of small town romance? Me too!! I think you’ll enjoy Sam Burnside’s story – hot on the heels of book one in the series, picks up after Destiny and Hefin have traveled to Wales. Sam is struggling with his life decisions and meets a strong woman in Nina Paz – sexy, romantic and sweet this story is like none other, guaranteed to warm your toes!

Be careful though, it is an unputdownable read!

Book covers, are they a hook for you? new post by Elisabeth Barrett + Giveaway!

I am just thrilled to be here at Romance @ Random on release day for my debut novel, Deep Autumn Heat! Today, I want to talk about the thing that can hook the reader first. I’m not talking about a great title. Or a scintillating first line. I’m talking about the cover! I am definitely a written-word kind of girl. I usually respond better to words than I do to visuals. Sure, I enjoy a good movie now and then, but I’d rather read the book! I always read the book first (and if the book is amazing, sometimes I don’t go see the movie for fear of ruining my ideas about what the characters should look and sound like). [...]