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If you did a survey of erotica authors asking  about the first erotic novel they read, I bet a large percentage would say Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  Today, Televisa USA announced they bought the TV rights to the series, a show that will be produced by Rachel Winter (one of the co-producers of Dallas Buyers Club, and wife of the creator of Boardwalk Empire). If you’re not familiar with Rice’s version of the fairy tale, I’ll give you a hint that the prince reawakens Beauty with a lot more than a kiss. She gets a full-on  sexual initiation: “ His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Beauty’s complete and total enslavement to him as Anne [...]

New Hottie Headed for REVENGE

Brian Hallisay (The Client List) has been cast in the upcoming fourth season of  Revenge.  Hallisay will play Ben, a local cop and a new friend of Jack — and a potential new love interest for Emily Thorne. I’m not looking for reasons to wish away the summer, but this might be one of them…


For readers who grew up in the 1980s, reading Jean M. Auel’s THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR was a rite of literary passage. Of course, we also suffered through the bad 1986 film starring Daryl Hannah. But take heart, CLAN fans: This week brings news that the classic novel is being developed for a potential TV series on Lifetime. Nothing is guaranteed, but with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer executive producing, we have a good shot at a great new show next year. Fingers crossed.

Primetime Emmy Awards Nominees Announced

The Emmy Award nominations were announced this morning. Downton Abbey and was nominated for Outstanding Drama and Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) is up for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama, as well as Dame Maggie Smith (the Dowager Countess) for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a drama.  My personal favorite performance of the year, Matthew McConaughey as anti-hero Rust Cohle on True Detective, also got a nomination. Here is the complete list of the nominees. (The awards ceremony will air on August 25 on NBC.) Did any of your favs get left out?

Weekend Viewing: RECKLESS

Looking for something steamy in the final days of June? Sunday night is the premiere of a  sexy soap meets legal drama: CBS’s new RECKLESS. It stars Cam Gigandet and Anna Wood. Check out this trailer. Will you be tuning in?

Mystery Girls

Though you wouldn’t know it from watching TRUE TORI this week, it’s not all bad news for Tori Spelling. This summer, a new half hour comedy called MYSTERY GIRLS will reunite her with former Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Jennie Garth. (Thanks for the tip, Brenda Janowitz!) Spelling and Garth play  former co-stars of a detective show who are brought back together by a real-life mystery. Charlie (Garth) is a suburban housewife and mother, while Holly (Spelling) longs for her glory days in the ’90s when she was on television. Both of their lives are disrupted when a witness to a crime — and a Mystery Girls – fanatic will only speak to the famous duo, and the former friends must reunite and [...]

DOWNTON ABBEY Season Five Filming Has Begun

The New York Daily News reports this morning that filming has begun on Downton Abbey’s fifth season. Mary’s love life was left up in the air at the conclusion of last season, with more than one suitor in the running. From the looks of at least one of these photos, it seems possible that Branson is a dark horse in the race. (I can dream, can’t I?) View all photos from the set of Downton Abbey, Season Five

How I Met Your Mother: The Happy Ending

Twitter was on fire last Monday night with HIMYM fans polarized about the ending of the series. For those who were on the freak-out end of the spectrum, here’s some good news: Deadline Hollywood reports that when the DVD set is released, it will include an alternate ending. According to deadline, “HIMYM producers and studio 20th Century Fox TV would not comment on any specifics of the alternate closing, but a source described it as a “happy ending.” What did you think of the finale? Do you want to see a different ending?

My Favorite TV Love Triangle

Last summer I spent one week binging on Orange is the New Black. Yes, it had quirky characters and yes it had verite about prison life (it’s based on a memoir of the same name by Piper Kerman), but the thing that really got me was the bizarre love triangle between Piper, her nice-Jewish-boy fiance, and her former lesbian lover who ratted her out and ends up as her prison mate. At the end of last season, Piper managed to alienate both of her lovers. I can’t imagine what is in store for season two but I’ll be tuning in. A few sneak-peak still shots were released today, but nothing to give a hint about the state of Piper’s love [...]

Mixology: Looking for Love in All The Right Places?

We’re one week away from the official premiere of the new comedy Mixology, a series described as “10 strangers, one night, and all the ridiculous things we do to find love.”  Is this the new How I Met Your Mother? (We don’t have to wait to actually wait until next week to find out. The first episode is already online at ABC.) Will you be tuning in? Mixology/ABC February 26, 9:30 PM EST  

TV News: How I Met Your Dad

Fans of How I Met Your Mother will be excited to know that they have cast the lead in the spin off, How I Met Your Dad. The female “Ted” character will be played by Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha).  The Hollywood Reporter describes the new show: “In the spirit of How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Dad tells the story from a female point of view. It’s described as a brand-new story with new characters and a new voice at its center.” I just hope the writers pull it together after clearing phoning in this final season of HIMYM.

TV News: Ballet Series Set for Starz

Get your leg warmers ready: Starz has picked its next original series, a ballet drama called Flesh and Bone, created/executive produced by Moira Walley-Beckett (Breaking Bad) Starring dancer Sarah Hay (Black Swan) in the lead role of Claire, a young ballet dancer. Claire has a troubled past as she joins a prestigious ballet company in New York. Deadline Hollywood says the show will “explore the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world.” No start date yet, but I’ll be following for updates.