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Posted in: TV Preview

Weekend Viewing: RECKLESS

Looking for something steamy in the final days of June? Sunday night is the premiere of a  sexy soap meets legal drama: CBS’s new RECKLESS. It stars Cam Gigandet and Anna Wood. Check out this trailer. Will you be tuning in?

Weekend Viewing: SALEM

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story or Sleepy Hollow, you’ll be excited for what’s brewing on WGN network this weekend. A new witch show, SALEM, premiers Sunday night at 10PM. From what I can tell from this preview, they aren’t holding anything back. Set in 1692, this show asks, “What could be worse than a witch hunt?” The answer, or course, is “A witch!” Yes, “Witches are real — and they are in Salem.” Check out this trailer.  (Warning: Adult content/graphic imagery.)

Do You Love Game of Thrones as Much as Stacey Kennedy?

I am a Game of Thrones junkie. Why? I honestly have no idea. I’m a romance author, which means I’m a big believer in having a happily-ever-after. Truthfully, any movies or TV shows that don’t end on a happy note leave me incredibly grumpy. I need that moment when I know that no matter what the characters have gone through that in the end they are happy. Now for anyone who has watched Game of Thrones, you’ll know that we haven’t seen a happily-ever-after in the series yet. Even as I watch the show I keep gasping in horror when someone dies or something horrible happens to one of the characters. And that seems to happen in every single episode, [...]

Mixology: Looking for Love in All The Right Places?

We’re one week away from the official premiere of the new comedy Mixology, a series described as “10 strangers, one night, and all the ridiculous things we do to find love.”  Is this the new How I Met Your Mother? (We don’t have to wait to actually wait until next week to find out. The first episode is already online at ABC.) Will you be tuning in? Mixology/ABC February 26, 9:30 PM EST