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Guest post from Shawntelle Madison – Repossessed

In two days my latest release, Repossessed, will be available. This book takes place in my Coveted series universe and it features witches and warlocks this time! I’m so excited about my Korean hero!

Guest Post: Beating the Writer’s Blahs with Yasmine Galenorn + $25 Giveaway!!

I love my work. I love writing. I wouldn’t want to do anything else for a career. But no matter how much I love my work, I get the blahs now and then. And at times, I get very close to burn out. Until this year, I’ve dealt with it in various ways, most of which have worked to one degree or another. But I had so much stress over the past year that this time, my usual coping techniques didn’t work. So I ran away to San Francisco and played for a few days. I really didn’t have the time to take a vacation, but I also didn’t have the leeway not to go, because I was ready to [...]

HappyHalloween – Romance Will Set You Free (For Ghost) by Samantha Kane + Treats!!

Happy Halloween everyone — hoping all on the east coast are safe and sound post Sandy – a memorable Halloween for many of us. On Monday night Sandy blew through our yard. She was limited to high winds here—not enough rain to mention, no power outages—so we were lucky. But we lost our ghost. He was the Casper sort, not the creepy kind that scares the pants off my kids when we go to the Halloween store. A big windsock a couple of feet long, he’s been hanging on our porch every Halloween season for years. And I forgot about him. Left him hanging there while Sandy blew him madly about until he broke off the hook and flew away [...]

WEEKLY GIVEWAY: Win a copy of FROSTBITTEN by Kelley Armstrong!

This week we’re giving away 10 copies of Kelley Armstrong’s FROSTBITTEN, a supernatural story featuring withes, ghosts and werewolves, perfect for this spooky time of year. Winners will be emailed this Friday, so enter to win below! As always, you can head over to Romance at Random’s Giveaway Tab, for any giveaway details you might need, and we’ll remind you every day during this week to enter via Facebook and on Twitter. Follow us now so you won’t miss out!

Zombies and Witches and Romance, Oh My!

This Halloween, we wanted to recommend some of our favorite spooky love stories featuring everything from ghosts and ghouls, to various creatures of the night. Below, pick your favorite scary romance sub-genre, and we’ll have just the thing you’re looking for. Click on each cover to read an excerpt and learn more.

Guest Author – About romance series, what keeps you reading? by, Yasmine Galenorn + $25 GC giveaway!

Sometimes, when you are writing a series, the story takes a big leap. Things happen, in a way that will affect the rest of the world/series as you write it. I’ve been having a lot of that go on lately, as I’m working on Night Vision—book four of the Indigo Court Series, but in both of my series– Otherworld and the Indigo Court—I’ve reached the point where major world shifts are happening. In Shadow Rising—book 12 of OW and my newest release coming up on October 30th—Menolly finds her world changing, forever. All three sisters are in the midst of huge personal transitions, but in Shadow Rising, I throw Menolly into the fire. Not all change has to be bad—some [...]

Book Release: Something Witchy This Way Comes by HP Mallory

A witch’s work is never done, and in bestselling author H. P. Mallory’s mesmerizing new novel, Jolie Wilkins finds that the real magic is only just beginning. Book Copy: For smart and sexy witch Jolie Wilkins, being Queen of the Underworld is a royal pain. Back from a round of time travel, Jolie must now protect her realm from the sinister Lurkers—a powerful breed of half-humans bent on conquering the undead. And if there’s one thing she knows, it’s that the supernatural never go down without a fight.

Book Release – The Witch is Back by HP Mallory and she’s feisty very feisty . . .

The witching hour has arrived in bestselling author H. P. Mallory’s captivating and sexy new novel, starring the most dazzling denizen of the undead, Jolie Wilkins. Funny and feisty witch Jolie Wilkins is back—or rather, she’s back to her humble beginnings. Propelled into the past to her old Los Angeles fortune-telling shop, Jolie has no idea she possesses extraordinary powers, and she definitely doesn’t remember becoming Queen of the Underworld. But at least she has two incredibly sexy men vying for her affection: Rand Balfour, who looks very familiar, though Jolie can’t place his gorgeous face, and Sinjin Sinclair, who is tall, dark, and perfect . . . except for the fangs.

Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane

The Chess Putnam series is a cross between Ghostbusters and Escape From New York, with an awesome punk rock soundtrack, black magic, greasers, drugs, human sacrifices, and a black 1969 Chevelle. It kicks off with UNHOLY GHOSTS, with the next two books in the series, UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS, then Book 4, SACRIFICIAL MAGIC. A DEADLY HIGH Magic-wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush. But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside’s drug supply, Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls—and taking the innocent with them, as [...]

The H. P. Mallory Starter Kit: How to Dive into the Jolie Wilkins Paranormal Romance Series

H. P. Mallory, the author of Fire Burn and Couldron Bubble and the Dulcie O’Neil series, was a self-published, bestselling sensation in eBook before signing a book deal with Random House for the next three books in the Jolie Wilkins series. On sale today is Witchful Thinking, the latest in this sexy, funny series about a self-deprecating psychic named Jolie whose life is forever changed when handsome warlock Rand walks into her life and insists that she’s a witch. It turns out quickly enough that Jolie also has a unique ability to reanimate the dead, but really, it’s not until she’s crowned Queen of the Underworld that Jolie’s life gets really complicated, and that’s where this novel picks up the [...]

Preview Witchful Thinking by H. P. Mallory – Fun NEW series!!

From H. P. Mallory—the bestselling author of Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble—comes a new paranormal romance featuring sassy, self-deprecating witch Jolie Wilkins. Read a free preview below! Witchful Thinking: A Jolie Wilkins Novel by H. P. Mallory (Free Excerpt) On sale 2/28/2012 | Order Here | Find H. P. on Facebook | Visit to Learn More

Be Witched: A Jolie Wilkins/Rand Balfour Novella – Available for $0.99

H. P. Mallory was a self-published sensation before coming to Random House to continue her bestselling Jolie Wilkins series. In this sexy and spellbinding original short story, available exclusively as an eBook, Mallory presents the exciting Underworld from a never-before-seen point of view—through the eyes of Rand Balfour, a drop-dead gorgeous warlock and the love of Jolie Wilkins’s life. While the undead wage a brutal civil war, Rand Balfour has only one thing on his mind: protecting his true love, Jolie Wilkins, the savvy and spirited witch whose powers have made her the toast—and target—of the new Underworld order. For Rand, keeping Jolie safe means guarding against allies and enemies alike. First there’s Sinjin Sinclair, a dangerously seductive vampire who [...]

Trick or Treat – we’ve got your Treat right here!

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat Win something fun But not to eat Can you guess, What we’ve got that’s neat? Ghosts & Goblins Line our streets Knocking on doors Tripping on their feet Online treaters Like you & I Celebrate the Holiday All in one night Looking for hand outs That appeal to us No need to traipse the town And make all that fuss Romance At Random We’ve got your treats right here Let’s see if you can win it It’s a basket full of . . . not beer. Good luck! Bag of books to be mailed to a US randomly chosen commenter to celebrate Trick or Treat – Winner will be announced in this post sometime on [...]