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WINNER ANNOUNCED – #Giveaway – Guest Post: The Making of The Marriage Game by Ella Quinn

Fellow author, Sally MacKenzie has a FAQ on her website, regarding her Naked series that she didn’t write in order. That struck a chord with me because I did the same thing with The Marriage Game. The first time I sat down to write the very first book, I knew I’d have at least three. Not because I’m a rabid plotter, I am not, but because a friend of mind who’d worked in a European publishing house told me to write three books. So I did.

My Writing Haven – guest post by Bronwen Evans + drawing for a vacation Getaway!

I’m having some writing friends join me at my beach house this week. I call it a beach house but it’s about a mile from the sea set amongst the vineyards. I look out over grape vines through one of New Zealand’s premium wineries, Elephant Hill, out to the sea. It’s actually about to storm here even though it’s about 32C (around 90f). The sea’s suddenly gone from turquoise to a deep angry blue. The pool is still being finished off. The tiling is about to be done, hence why I’m up here for the week. The house is full of dust and dirt but do I care – no! Not with this view…