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Winner Announced – Interview: C.C. Hunter, New York Times Bestselling Young Adult author + $25 EGC Giveaway

Thanks for joining C.C. and I today! C.C. is giving away a $25 Amazon card to anyone who answers the question: What piece of advice would you give your teen self? Answer below and a winner will be randomly chosen – good luck! ****Our Winner is . . .pamwright2913 — she has been contacted to claim her prize – thanks all for blogging!! Me: I’ve heard you were asked to write a young adult series and you weren’t actually writing or reading in that genre at the time. How did you pull it off? CC: It was like cramming for finals. In about three weeks, I read twenty YA books. Then, I took a long trip down memory lane to [...]

Twitter Topics: #IGetThatAlot Tweets – You?

by Sue Grimshaw Huffington Post had this great article about what teens are tweeting. Overused phrases that are used to describe them or are used often about them – #IGetThatAlot – I found it hilarious. Pulling up the #IGetThatAlot I found some fun tweets . . . . “You’re the perfect size for an armrest” #IGetThatALot #ShortGirlProbz

Deb Caletti on writing YA vs. Adult Fiction: “Love is love at any age.”

After nine Y/A books, I’m often asked how the writing process for He’s Gone, my new novel for adults, was different. Namely, how do I create characters for teen novels versus adult ones?

Guest Post: The Truth About YA by Roxanne St Claire + Giveaway

About seven years ago I had dinner with our very own Sue Grimshaw — thank you for the invite today, Sue! – and she asked all of the writers at the table what we chose for our comfort read, our go-to books, our number one can’t miss genre. In a moment of candor, I blurted out my favorite subgenre of romance. I love young adult novels.

Historically Crushed: Robin Bridges on Prince Albert & King Leopold

Young Adult Romance Authors share their biggest historical crushes with RomanceatRandom readers. Today we hear from Robin Bridges, author of The Gathering Storm.

The young adult market these days + giveaway!

When I grew up, the raciest book I had read was, ‘The Catcher In The Rye.‘ Readers lists back then included stories like, ‘Gone With The Wind’, ‘Jane Austin,’ and, S.E.Hinton, ‘The Outsiders’. The guys seemed to be primarily into, Star Wars & Dune series books. Have you noticed that Young Adult reading has changed since then? What the market offers today is different than a few years ago, in fact, taking a line from a recent PW article,‘The young adult market these days is a bit like a nephew you haven’t seen in years: transformed from a little darling into a hulking almost-grownup who is maybe, even, a little scary.’ Teen titles feature menacing creatures, forbidden romances, and apocalyptic [...]