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Talking Giveaways with Elise Sax

It’s countdown time to the release of MATCHPOINT, the second book of my Matchmaker series. Release days are so exciting. After working so hard on a book, I get to share it with readers. I hope you enjoy it!

One of the most exciting parts of release day are the giveaways that go with them. I’ve got a few planned, so stay tuned and watch for them! On July 31, I’m having a Facebook Matchpoint launch party, and we’re deciding now what fun things to give away during the six-hour-long party. Come and like my Elise Sax Facebook page and get in on the fun!

I love interacting with readers. I spend most of my days, sitting in a room with just my computer and my imagination for company. So, hearing from you is a special treat.

But giving away prizes is a really special treat. What kind of prizes do you like? I mean, besides cash and cars and all-inclusive vacations to the South Pacific because darn, I’m fresh out of those…

With the release of An Affair to Dismember, I gave away a series of prizes that had to do with the Matchmaker series, like crystal balls, tarot cards, edible body paint, chocolate hearts, and naughty weekend getaway paraphernalia. We gave something away every thirty minutes or so. It was a blast!

What to give now? Let me know in the comments below! Send word to the writer in her room, alone except for her naughty weekend getaway paraphernalia…ahem, I mean, her computer.

Speaking of giveaways, Elise Sax is currently running another one. Head on over to her Facebook Page for the details!

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