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The gift you wish they didn’t – really, just didn’t + Giveaway!

I really tried to avoid this topic but it is one that I felt we should address – every Christmas there seems to be one or two gifts that you really don’t want, need or already have . . . did that happen to you this year?

It did for me — I actually told my husband I wanted an Ipod so I’d have an updated version — not that I needed it – urgh, so once I opened the gift & saw the delightful little gizmo I felt like I shouldn’t keep it as I really didn’t need it . . . . so, I’ll return it or maybe re-gift it – I’ve not decided just yet . . . fortunately, hubby is good with that. I wasn’t very good in my ‘gift directions’ this year :)

So, what gift did you get that is a definite return? Or a possible re-gift?

Comment below — love to hear that I was not the only one!! *GRINS*

Remember, ever week 5 winners are randomly chosen to win a Random FREE book – good luck! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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