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The H. P. Mallory Starter Kit: How to Dive into the Jolie Wilkins Paranormal Romance Series

H. P. Mallory, the author of Fire Burn and Couldron Bubble and the Dulcie O’Neil series, was a self-published, bestselling sensation in eBook before signing a book deal with Random House for the next three books in the Jolie Wilkins series. On sale today is Witchful Thinking, the latest in this sexy, funny series about a self-deprecating psychic named Jolie whose life is forever changed when handsome warlock Rand walks into her life and insists that she’s a witch. It turns out quickly enough that Jolie also has a unique ability to reanimate the dead, but really, it’s not until she’s crowned Queen of the Underworld that Jolie’s life gets really complicated, and that’s where this novel picks up the tale.

The books are cute, light reading, full of what we love the most about the paranormal genre (love triangle with a warlock and a handsome vampire? Check!). Somehow they also manage to be very sexy and funny at the same time, which makes them a favorite for us here at Romance@Random. When we first heard about Witchful Thinking, we were dying to know why these self-published books were so popular, so we imagine you too may be wondering how you can dive into this series. We have a few options right here for you:

1. Start right with Witchful Thinking! Since the other titles are only available in eBook, the book has has quite a bit of backstory to catch everyone up to speed. This may also be good for those who have read them but need help remembering all the events thus far. (H. P. promises this is going to be the only book with all the backstory for new readers, so seasoned veterans can rest assured that the plot will move right along in the next two Jolie books coming later this year).

2. Meet Jolie Wilkins via her adorable YouTube videos, dishing advice to new witches everywhere! Our favorite is Lesson #3: Men of the Underworld, but you should also check out Lesson #1: Witch Problems and Lesson #2: Bonding.

3. Whether you’ve read these before or not, it’s worth diving into Be Witched, the $0.99 eBook short story from Rand’s perspective. For us fanatics, it’s more Rand, which is never a bad thing. Yum. For you newbies, it’ll give a nice taste of what Mallory’s world is all about.

4. Want to start right from the beginning? Book 1 of the series is available on the Kindle (where it has nearly 300 reviews and an average 4.5 star rating—crazy!), Nook, and Smashwords.

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