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The Red Hot Romance Debate

The Red Hot Romance Debate

Yesterday, an NPR show out of Boston, “On Point With Tom Ashbrook,” hosted a raging debate on what’s romance, what’s erotica, and what’s porn. They show featured one of my favorite romance bloggers Wendy Crutcher (aka SuperWendy), bestselling author Angela Knight, and Jesse Baron, an editor from Harper’s Magazine.

Last night, just a few hours after this show aired, I participated in a panel about erotic romance at the New York Public Library where we debated many of the same issues: What do these books say about gender roles? What do women want in books versus what do they want in their bedrooms? What is the line in the sand when it comes to sex scenes?

Click below to hear the radio show – and let me know what you think.

Logan Belle Logan Belle is the author of eight novels, including Now or Never, Miss Chatterley, and The Librarian. For updates and obsessions, follow @jamieLbrenner
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