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Romance and its overused sub-genres + Giveaway

paranormal romanceOne night, late at night, I was Tweeting and noticed a conversation going on with some of the Tweeters I follow about overused romance sub-genres. I thought that was an interesting word choice used to describe a sub-genre that was over published. After a few more Tweets I realized they were talking about a specific sub-genre and what has been ‘lumped’ into it. As the Tweeting went on it was clear they were talking about the paranormal sub-genre and that it was used too often to describe books, that in the ‘Tweeters‘ estimation should not even have been included in the paranormal sub-genre. So in fact, it was not that the category was over published, but that the books categorized as paranormal were not paranormal at all.

That shed a whole different light on this topic and of course, had me thinking, what a great topic for a post! Lucky for you ladies I stay up late at night Tweeting! :)

So, lets take a look. Books with characters such as vampires, shapeshifters, demon slayers and so forth easily fall into the paranormal sub-genre. But, what about Christine Feehan’s Ghosthunter series, including MIND GAME and so on . . . . our heroes in those stories were enhanced physically for their military exploits . . they were not vampires, or blood-sucking creatures of any kind for that matter, so would paranormal romance be the right category for them?

Or what about Virginia Kantra’s Selkie romances, do they technically count as paranormal?

Or Jamie Rush wrote a dystopian type of series, that should be its own category, or no?

Has the industry lumped too much into this sub-genre that may have turned readers away? Do we even pay attention to how things are categorized or what sub-genre they are in? If a book with a futuristic slant is categorized as paranormal and you primarily read futuristic stories, would being categorized as paranormal turn you away? Do you care that we excessively use the paranormal genre to describe everything . . . . different?

Interesting topic, something I had not really thought much about, although it made me wonder if some wonderful stories have been mis-represented turning away potential readers – Love to hear your thoughts.

But the most important question is did you see HUNGER GAMES and did you like it? Is it all the buzz?
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